Rhinoplasty Cost in Nairobi

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is a procedure that improves the look and function of your nose. It’s a method for improving nose height, tip, breadth, and airway problems (obstruction). As nose is located in the middle of the face and any deviations in the appearance is quickly noticed by others. A decent nose should be well shaped ir varies dramatically depending on our ethnicity. There are many factors influence the nose’s ultimate look, hence rhinoplasty is considered one of the more challenging cosmetic surgery operations.

Open Rhinoplasty in Nairobi:

A tiny incision is made under the nose, around the tip, and between the nostrils by the nose job specialist. The surgeon will be able to alter the nasal structure once he or she has total access to it. The method enables for very extensive treatments to be performed while keeping any scars hidden.

Closed Rhinoplasty in Nairobi:

Because the specialist performs the incisions from the inside, there is no need for a large hole. Patients with minimal adjustment requirements are more likely to use this method. It’s also well-hidden when it comes to scaring.

To avoid the difficulties that arise with large treatments, the method should only be used for modest restructuring.

Tip Plasty in Nairobi:

Aside from the incision route, a nasal cosmetic surgery might be less obtrusive. This is made possible via Tip Plasty. It’s quite accurate, and other nasal components aren’t disturbed until absolutely necessary.

Secondary Rhinoplasty in Nairobi:

Some of the first procedures might not have gone as planned. A surgeon may be required to conduct a revision, commonly known as secondary rhinoplasty, in such a circumstance. Depending on the predicted new aim, the procedure might be open or closed.

Filler Rhinoplasty in Nairobi:

This is by far the least invasive of the rhinoplasty procedures discussed. Because there are no incisions or stitches, some people do not consider it surgery. The surgeon finishes the surgery by filling up individual depressions with injectable fillers. It is used to smooth the points of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Nairobi

Rhinoplasty cost in Nairobi Average Cost (Kenyan shilling)
Open Revision Rhinoplasty Ksh 245,000
Closed Nose Job Ksh 285,000
Revision Tiplasty Ksh 275,000
Filler Rhinoplasty Ksh 215,000
Revision Rhinoplasty Ksh 295,000

Why Rhinoplasty Surgery in Nairobi

Many people travel from different parts of Kenya and abroad for Rhinoplasty surgery in Nairobi. Top five reasons people choose Nairobi for Rhinoplasty surgery are,

  • Qualifies and Experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Nairobi
  • Availability of latest Rhinoplasty technologies and required Infrastructure
  • High Rhinoplasty Success rate in Nairobi
  • Rhinoplasty price in Nairobi is affordable
  • Rhinoplasty Before and After photos in Nairobi are awesome

Rhinoplasty Cost in Nairobi


Rhinoplasty Cost in Kenya Cost in Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
Nairobi Ksh 250,000
Mombasa Ksh 260,000
Kisumu Ksh 270,600
Nakuru Ksh 265,200
Ruiru Ksh 258,600
Eldoret Ksh 275,400
Kikuyu Ksh 271,000
Thika Ksh 293,800


Rhinoplasty Insurance Coverage in Nairobi

Insurance coverage for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Nairobi depends on Insurance company and product you have purchased.

Top Health Insurance companies in Kenya are,

Jubilee Health Insurance

CIC General Health Insurance

APA Insurance Health Insurance

UAP Insurance Health Insurance

Britam Health Insurance

FAQs on Rhinoplasty in Nairobi

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What is Rhinoplasty cost in Nairobi?

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Where can I find Rhinoplasty Reviews from past clients in Nairobi?

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Can I get Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos in Nairobi?

Yes. Contact us here for Rhinoplasty Before and After photos.

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