Mommy Makeover Cost in Nairobi

A mommy makeover is a set of cosmetic surgical procedures that can help new moms restore their pre-pregnancy figure. If you’re a new mom considering cosmetic operations, you might be wondering if they’re safe and worth the money.

While many women opt to diet and exercise after pregnancy, some may discover that no amount of gym time will help them lose sagging skin or fat pockets. A mommy makeover often comprises one or more of the following procedures: liposuction, stomach tuck, and breast augmentation. These techniques, when performed together, can help to repair some of the damage produced by the stress of carrying and giving birth to a child.

Mommy Makeover Cost in Nairobi

Mommy Makeover in Nairobi Average Cost (Kenyan shilling)
Mommy Makeover Type 1: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction Ksh 380,000
Mommy Makeover Type 2: Tummy Tuck + Vaginoplasty Ksh 390,000
Mommy Makeover Type 3: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty Ksh 430,000
Mommy Makeover Type 4: Liposuction + Breast Reduction Ksh 450,000
Mommy Makeover Type 5: Liposuction + Vaginoplasty Ksh 425,000
Mommy Makeover Type 6: Liposuction + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty Ksh 435,000

Why Mommy Makeover Surgery in Nairobi

Many people travel from different parts of Kenya and abroad for Mommy Makeover surgery in Nairobi. Top five reasons people choose Nairobi for Mommy Makeover surgery are,

  • Qualifies and Experienced Mommy Makeover Surgeons in Nairobi
  • Availability of latest Mommy Makeover technologies and required Infrastructure
  • High Mommy Makeover Success rate in Nairobi
  • Mommy Makeover price in Nairobi is affordable
  • Mommy Makeover Before and After photos in Nairobi are awesome

Mommy Makeover Cost in Nairobi


Mommy Makeover Cost in Kenya Cost in Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
Nairobi Ksh 380,000
Mombasa Ksh 394,000
Kisumu Ksh 399,600
Nakuru Ksh 391,200
Ruiru Ksh 399,600
Eldoret Ksh 395,400
Kikuyu Ksh 401,000
Thika Ksh 403,800


Mommy Makeover Insurance Coverage in Nairobi

Insurance coverage for Mommy Makeover Surgery in Nairobi depends on Insurance company and product you have purchased.

Top Health Insurance companies in Kenya are,

Jubilee Health Insurance

CIC General Health Insurance

APA Insurance Health Insurance

UAP Insurance Health Insurance

Britam Health Insurance

FAQs on Mommy Makeover in Nairobi

Who is the Best Mommy Makeover Surgeon in Nairobi, Kenya?

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What is Mommy Makeover cost in Nairobi?

Mommy Makeover cost in Nairobi depends on multiple factors. Find average Mommy Makeover price here.

Where can I find Mommy Makeover Reviews from past clients in Nairobi?

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Can I get Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos in Nairobi?

Yes. Contact us here for Mommy Makeover Before and After photos.