Liposuction Cost in Nairobi

Liposuction is a cosmetic operation that eliminates fat that won’t go away despite diet and exercise. Liposuction can help you get in shape and live a normal life by removing excess fat from various places of your body.

Abdomen Liposuction in Nairobi:

The upper stomach (the region between the ribs and the belly button) and the lower tummy (the area between the ribs and the belly button) are two parts of the abdomen (between the belly button and bikini line). Liposuction with Vaser can be done on one or both regions at the same time. Incision sites are hidden in the belly button and at the bikini line in these regions. In most situations, Vaser Liposuction provides effective skin retraction; nonetheless, some patients may require a belly tuck if their skin is substantially sagging.

Thighs Liposuction in Nairobi:

Many people wish for attractive legs, but slender, proportional thighs are not something everyone is born with. Fat distribution in the inner and outer thighs might be uneven, producing pain. The persistent friction of inner thighs rubbing against one other, for example, might cause chafing of the skin. This can result in the formation of sores and, in the worst-case scenario, infection.

Buttocks Liposuction in Nairobi:

Many individuals dream of having a well-proportioned back. The location of fat, which causes a sagging buttock or “banana rolls,” is commonly overlooked. This may be found between the buttock curve and the commencement of the thighs. While liposuction can help you have a smaller buttock, it takes talent and aesthetic flare on the part of the surgeon to get a gorgeous, well-proportioned behind. Vaser Liposuction, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, may produce smooth and symmetrical results.


Liposuction Cost in Nairobi

Liposuction cost in Nairobi Average Cost (Kenyan shilling)
Neck Liposuction Ksh 190,000
Abdomen Liposuction Ksh 280,000
Chin Liposuction Ksh 120,000
Buttocks Liposuction Ksh 240,000
Arm Liposuction Ksh 220,000
Thigh Liposuction Ksh 260,000
Breast Liposuction Ksh 250,000
Love handles Liposuction Ksh 235,000
Knee Liposuction Ksh 275,000
Back Liposuction Ksh 280,000
Calf Liposuction Ksh 245,000

Why Liposuction Surgery in Nairobi

Many people travel from different parts of Kenya and abroad for Liposuction surgery in Nairobi. Top five reasons people choose Nairobi for Liposuction surgery are,

  • Qualifies and Experienced Liposuction Surgeons in Nairobi
  • Availability of latest Liposuction technologies and required Infrastructure
  • High Liposuction Success rate in Nairobi
  • Liposuction price in Nairobi is affordable
  • Liposuction Before and After photos in Nairobi are awesome

Liposuction Cost in Nairobi


Liposuction Cost in Kenya Cost in Kenyan Shilling  (Ksh)
Nairobi Ksh 280,000
Mombasa Ksh 294,000
Kisumu Ksh 299,600
Nakuru Ksh 291,200
Ruiru Ksh 299,600
Eldoret Ksh 295,400
Kikuyu Ksh 301,000
Thika Ksh 303,800

Liposuction Insurance Coverage in Nairobi

Insurance coverage for Liposuction Surgery in Nairobi depends on Insurance company and product you have purchased.

Top Health Insurance companies in Kenya are,

Jubilee Health Insurance

CIC General Health Insurance

APA Insurance Health Insurance

UAP Insurance Health Insurance

Britam Health Insurance

FAQs on Liposuction in Nairobi

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Can I get Liposuction Before and After Photos in Nairobi?

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