Skin and Shape Dermatology Clinic Mumbai

The Skin and Shape clinic is conveniently located in Lokhandwala, Andheri.

At the Skin and Shape clinic, one of our guiding principles is that “No key fits every Lock”, All patients are different and the right procedure for each has to be tailored to his or her expectations (physical and mental) & limitations (physical and financial). Our USP at the Skin and Shape clinic is this seamless integration of both surgical and non surgical techniques by both our doctors who are each other’s closest allies and sharpest critics. This approach helps us to crease out your plan for the treatment using the best and most effective procedures, thereby ensuring a better result with lesser downtime.

Breast Reshaping
For much of human history, the aesthetics of the female breast defined the female body form.

Body Sculpture
We all wish we could have a flatter tummy or “six pack”, slim waist, and thighs, firm hips The perfect body.

Skin Lightening
Procedure to transform your complexion to two shades lighter. Restores the unevenly pigmented or sun damaged skin.

Dr. Anju Methil, M.D. D.D.V. is a qualified dermatologist & cosmetologist in Mumbai with considerable experience in Cosmetic medicine. Dr. Anju is one of the leading female injectors of Treatment for lines and wrinkles and Fillers for non-surgical facial contouring. She has many satisfied patients from all socio-economic strata, several socialites and International clients. After completing her MBBS and Internship Dr. Anju realized her fascination for Dermatology during her residency. Dr. Anju then completed her Post graduation in Dermatology from DY Patil Hospital, Mumbai. Cosmetic Dermatology became her field of special interest. Dr. Anju Methil was associated with Kaya Skin Clinic from 2008 to 2010 and was one of their leading Dermatologists. Over the past 8 years Dr. Anju has had the opportunity to undergo personalized training under Dr. Steven Liew (Plastic surgeon, Sydney )Dr. Stefania Roberts (Cosmetic Physician , Melbourne, Australia), Dr. Peter Huang (Plastic Surgeon ,Taiwan), Dr. Mauricio De Maio (Plastic Surgeon, Brazil), Dr. Ian Haris (Plastic Surgeon, UK) and Dr. Herve Raspaldo (Plastic Surgeon, Cannes). Dr. Arthur Swift (Plastic surgeon, Canada). Dr. Anju is among the handful of Indian doctors who attended the Masters Course in Facial aesthetics held in Cebu, Philippines in 2012 and AMWC Monaco in 2014. Apart from this, she keeps herself updated with the latest innovations in the field of dermatology from around the world. Her soundbytes regularly appear in the print media.

Dr. Bijoy Methil is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Jaslok Hospital & Saifee Hospital in Mumbai which are premier Healthcare institutes in the country. He is board certified in Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery & has qualifications of M.Ch (Masters–super specialty) & D.N.B. (Diplomate National Board) in Plastic Surgery. Following his training in Plastic Surgery at the Baroda Medical College, Baroda, he went on to do an advanced fellowship in Microvascular Reconstruction at the Chang Gung Hospital , Taiwan, which is recognised as the leading centre for microsurgery in the world. Dr. Methil’s Cosmetic Surgery exposure began since his training in Plastic Surgery & has been reinforced with exposure to Cosmetic Surgery in The Chang Gung Hospital, Taiwan, the National University Hospitals & at the Plastic & Hand Surgery, Medspa, Singapore. Subsequently he was awarded an advanced fellowship in Cosmetic surgery at The St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia, where he operated with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Australia & gained immense knowledge about the art & science of cosmetic surgery.


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On Premises Facilities

On-premise pharmacy, WiFi Connectivity, Waiting area, Parking Available,

Accessible to disabled people, Public transport access, Toilet Access,

Canteen Access, CCTV Security System, Personal Assistant, TV Facility,

Air Conditioned Rooms, Guest Rooms nearby, etc