Dr. Irving Rodriguez

Dr. Irving Rodriguez is a plastic surgeon who specialises in beauty and functionality and is certified by the American Board of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Graduated with honours from the University of Baja California’s medical school in Tijuana, doing his internship at the Medical Center of Texas in Houston, with the best programme of surgeries, including cardiovascular surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and paediatric surgery, and graduating with the highest grades.

He started his surgical residency in the Medical Center of Northwest Sonora, Mexico, and after being approved after this period, he travelled to the Medical Center of Western Guadalajara, where he completed six years with the Certification in Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and Surgery.

Dr. Irving Rodrguez is recognized by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery (CMCPER) for his commitment to perfection, beauty, and recovery function, as evidenced by his results and patient satisfaction. He is always diligent, with professional integrity, and the creation of an experience that changes life in a positive and educational way.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Education

  • University of Baja California’s medical school
  • Medical Center of Texas
  • Medical Center of Northwest Sonora, Mexico

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Experience


Dr. Irving Rodriguez Certification and Awards


Dr. Irving Rodriguez Memberships

  • Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery (CMCPER)

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Reviews

Mexico is one of the top five places for cosmetic surgery in the globe. The United States, Japan, Italy, and Brazil account for more than 41% of all plastic surgery treatments performed worldwide, according to The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Dr. Irving Rodriguez is a leading plastic surgeon in the United States.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Prices

Treatment in Mexico saves Americans and Canadians 40-75 percent more money than treatment in the US. While medical operations in Mexico are inexpensive, some people wrongly feel that the surgical quality, as well as pre- and post-operative care, is poor. Dr. Irving Rodriguez offers high-quality services at an affordable price in Mexico.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Appointment

Medical tourism is one of the health-care industry’s fastest-growing divisions. Because of the country’s health-care problem, many Americans are deciding to travel abroad in search of the greatest and most cost-effective medical care. We can help you schedule an appointment with Dr. Irving Rodriguez.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Bad Reviews

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular among Americans and Canadians who seek to benefit from Mexico’s inexpensive medical and dental expenditures. Medical services provided by Dr. Irving Rodriguez in Mexico offer a wonderful option to acquire high-quality medical care at an affordable rate.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Before and After Photos

Dr. Irving Rodriguez is a board-certified surgeon who can show you images of his procedures before and after. It cannot be made public due to customer privacy issues.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Hospital Address and Contact Number

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Address: Francisco Javier Mina 1531 Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Contact Number: You can contact here for Dr. Irving Rodriguez Appointment.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez , Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Dr. Irving Rodriguez Reviews?

Find Dr. Irving Rodriguez Reviews from past clients here.

What is Dr. Irving Rodriguez prices for Aesthetic surgery?

Dr. Irving Rodriguez price for Aesthetic surgery depends on required procedure. Find cost estimates here.

Can I get Dr. Irving Rodriguez Before and after Photos?

Yes, you can get Dr. Irving Rodriguez before and after photos here. But personal identity is masked to keep the privacy of our clients.

How to book Dr. Irving Rodriguez Appointment?

You can book Dr. Irving Rodriguez Online appointment here.

What does Dr. Irving Rodriguez Specialize in?

Dr. Irving Rodriguez is an expert in doing all Aesthetic surgeries.

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