Tummy Tuck in Lagos

Tummy Tuck, commonly referred to as a abdominoplasty, is an excellent procedure for men and women who would like to remove excess skin and fatty tissue around the abdomen. While a tummy tuck is most frequently performed on patients who have undergone pregnancy or dramatic weight loss, abdominoplasty can be customized to accommodate the unique needs of each individual.


Types of Tummy Tuck Procedures available in Lagos

Mini tummy tuck in Lagos,

A mini tummy tuck focuses on the area of the tummy that lies below the navel. Plastic surgeon will make a single incision at the bikini line that is easily concealed under a swimsuit. He will stretch the skin downward as he smooths and adjusts the skin. If you are also in need of muscle tightening to correct a slight pooch, this type of tummy tuck would be appropriate. Women who are wanting to correct the physical changes after pregnancy are ideal candidates for a mini tummy tuck.


Full tummy tuck in Lagos

This is the most common type of tummy tuck procedure since it focuses on the entire midsection.  Two incisions will be made by plastic surgeons: one will be placed in the lower abdomen and the second will be made around the navel. With this procedure, while scarring is more apparent, these incision sites allow the surgeon to remove sagging skin from both the upper and lower abdomen. To give you a more toned midsection, he will also strengthen the abdominal muscles required. This form of tummy tuck helps many patients , particularly post-pregnancy women, who have undergone substantial weight loss and are dissatisfied with how their bodies have changed due to genetics or ageing.

Extended tummy tuck

An extended tummy tuck is most commonly performed for patients who need removal of significant amounts of skin. This typically occurs after a massive weight loss. Your surgeon will make a single incision; it will wrap around the abdomen to reach the hips. Such a large incision allows him to tighten the skin evenly down across the tummy. It can leave a larger scar than the other procedures that may be hard to hide under intimate clothing.



BodyTite is a radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) technique that uses cutting-edge technology for a cleaner, slimmer physique to help eliminate stubborn fat. A thin tube, also known as a cannula, is inserted under the skin during this procedure while an electrode is located on the outer surface. The electrode’s radio-frequency waves melt the fat, making it easier to extract. Such waves heat the skin, which promotes collagen production to tighten the skin. In combination with liposuction, this technique is used.

Tummy Tuck in Lagos is preferred destination across western Africa because of availability of experienced Surgeons who can perform result oriented surgeries at affordable cost. Tummy Tuck in Lagos is very famous because of need from many people

Tummy Tuck cost in Lagos is affordable.


Tummy Tuck cost in Lagos


Tummy Tuck Cost in Lagos ranges from 1,300,000 Naira to 1,600,000 Naira.


Tummy Tuck cost In Lagos Average Cost
Simple Tummy Tuck ₦ 1,300,000
Full Tummy Tuck ₦ 1,500,000
Mini Tummy Tuck ₦ 1,200,000
BodyTite ₦ 1,400,000




Who is Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Lagos?

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Tummy Tuck cost in Lagos?

Tummy Tuck Lift cost in Lagos ranges from 1.3 million Naira to 1.6 million Naira

Tummy Tuck Reviews in Lagos?

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