Otoplasty Surgery in Lagos

Otoplasty — also referred as cosmetic ear surgery: This is a procedure to change the shape, position or size of the ears.

There are many sorts of malformations of the ear and the most common ones involve the bowl and the fold. The surgeon will need to remove part of the cartilage in the bowl of the ear, if it sticks out far from the head. For some people, their ears just stick out because the antihelical fold (was never bent back. In some cases, people might even have a pixie ear or the earlobe is not attached properly.

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Otoplasty Cost in Lagos

Otoplasty type in Lagos City Average Cost Naira (₦)
Ear augmentation Lagos N 1,800,000
Ear pinning Lagos N 1,600,000
Ear reduction. Lagos N 1,700,000


Best Otoplasty Surgeons in Lagos


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Best Otoplasty Surgeon in Lagos?

Find Best Otoplasty Surgeon in Lagos, Based on Rating and Reviews from past clients in Medcontour portal

What is Otoplasty Cost in Lagos?

Otoplasty Cost depends on Multiple factors. Above provided cost is averaged of multiple clients. Contact us for Cost Estimate.

What is Otoplasty Surgery Success Rate?

Otoplasty surgery has high success Rate in Lagos.

Can I get Insurance coverage for Otoplasty in Lagos?

Otoplasty Insurance coverage in Lagos depends on policy. Contact us for more details.