Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

Hair transplants in Dubai are growing at a faster pace. Several people with hair loss seek hair treatment in Dubai while enjoying beautiful tourism. A hair transplant is a surgical process that replaces dead hair follicles with new hair follicles from another body part to the head or donor. Hair follicles can be transferred from one place to another bald place on the scalp. Let’s learn more about Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, hair implant Dubai, the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai, and female hair transplants in Dubai.

You can get luxurious and thick hair in Dubai. Apart from enjoying the beauty of Dubai and luxurious tourism, several people get hair transplants. The city of Dubai is famous for its exceptional services in different cosmetic surgery and won the hearts of several well-known people, who motivated other people to visit Dubai.

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

The Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai is AED 13,500. The cost is calculated based on each graft, which is AED10 – AED 15 for each FUT hair transplant and AED 20 to AED 30 for each FUE hair transplant.

Several doctors charge for each graft. The cost of surgical hair restoration treatment differs by the extent of the surgery, surgeon’s fees, and surgery goals. Sometimes, it is only about improving the hair growth in the front part of the scalp. Other times it involves doing the whole scalp to get fuller and thicker hair all over the head.

Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai 2022

Hair Transplant cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (UAE Dirham)
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 1 USD to 3 USD per Graft 5 د.إ.‏
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) 1.2 USD to 2.5 USD per Graft 8 د.إ.‏
Dandruff Control Program $1,200 4,200 د.إ.‏
Hair Fall Medical Management $1,300 4,550 د.إ.‏
Robotic Hair Transplantation $2,200 7,700 د.إ.‏
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP $1,800 6,300 د.إ.‏
Augmented PRP $1,600 5,600 د.إ.‏
PRFM Treatment for Hair Growth $2,500 8,750 د.إ.‏
Hair Regen $1,400 4,900 د.إ.‏
Hair Transplant with Scalp Micropigmentation $1,600 5,600 د.إ.‏
Hair Transplant With Hair Cap $1,300 4,550 د.إ.‏
Italian CNC 3D Printed Hair Restoration $1,550 5,425 د.إ.‏
Scalp Micropigmentation $1,400 4,900 د.إ.‏
Cooling Cap for Hair Retention in Chemotherapy patient $2,130 7,455 د.إ.‏
Camouflage Fibres in Diffuse Thinning $2,350 8,225 د.إ.‏
Hair Anti-Aging $900 3,150 د.إ.‏
Hair DNA Analysis $1,600 5,600 د.إ.‏
Bio FUT 1.3 USD to 2.8 USD per Graft 6 د.إ.‏
Bio FUE 1.3 USD to 2.6 USD per Graft 8 د.إ.‏
Body Hair Transplant $1,100 3,850 د.إ.‏
Super Enhanced PRP $1,550 5,425 د.إ.‏

Hair Transplant Types and Cost in Dubai

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Cost in Dubai:1 USD to 3 USD per Graft 5 د.إ.‏)

It is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure. It is famous as a utility in androgenetic alopecia (AGA). During FUE, unique follicular grafts are taken from the donor’s scalp and implanted in the patient scalp.


Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Cost in Dubai:1.2 USD to 2.5 USD per Graft (8 د.إ.‏)

It is a hair restoration method called a strip procedure, where a patient’s hair is transplanted into a naturally growing group of 1- 4 hairs called follicular units.


Dandruff Control Program Cost in Dubai: $1,200 (4,200 د.إ.‏)

Dandruff is an irritating chronic scalp condition characterized by flaking and itching. It is not contagious and severe but cannot be very comfortable. Mild cases of dandruff can be treated with shampoo and medication. However, severe cases need medical attention and treatment.

Hair Fall Medical Management Cost in Dubai: $1,300 (4,550 د.إ.‏)

This is medical management that a hair expert does the treatment at the cosmetic clinic. Hair fall management will depend on the cause of hair fall. The doctor will discuss the way to manage hair fall.


Robotic Hair Transplantation Cost in Dubai: $2,200 (7,700 د.إ.‏)

The robotic hair transplant or IFA is an automatic follicular implantation work hair transplantation assisted by a robotic system that automatically analyses, chooses, and sucks up the follicles and makes them available for surgical or manual implantation with the help of the DHI or FUE technique. Contact us for Robotic Hair Restoration Cost.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Cost in Dubai: $1,800 (6,300 د.إ.‏)

Platelet-rich plasma injections are famous for different conditions like hair loss by injuries. This treatment requires the patient’s cells to improve healing in a specific part.

The platelet-rich plasma has two essential elements: plasma or the liquid blood portion and platelets.

It is a type of blood cell that. It is necessary for healing in the body. Platelets are well known for clotting abilities but have growth factors that can induce cell reproduction and activate tissue regeneration or healing in the treatment part.

Augmented PRP Cost in Dubai: $1,600 (5,600 د.إ.‏)

The platelet-rich plasma is included in other substances and then injected into the scalp in the problem area for hair regrowth. It is an advanced treatment for a patient with mild androgen etic alopecia or someone dealing with constant hair thinning. Augmented PRP promotes hair density and prevents hair fall.


PRFM Treatment for Hair Growth Cost in Dubai: $2,500 (8,750 د.إ.‏)

It is an injectable treatment that needs the patient’s blood. PRFM consists of active growth factors, which activate hair growth and regrowth. The result will be healthier and fuller and restore your confidence.

Hair Regen Cost in Dubai: $1,400 (4,900 د.إ.‏)

Hair Regen refers to hair regeneration treatment, a nonsurgical way to hair loss with the help of a customized system including extracellular matrix and platelet-rich plasma. The procedure is medically reactivated hair that is unable to grow.

Hair Transplant with Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in Dubai: $1,600 (5,600 د.إ.‏)

Combining hair transplants with micro scalp pigmentation is an excellent way to get the best look possible. In addition, SMP tattoos can cover the scars that are remained as a result of this treatment.

Hair Transplant With Hair Cap Cost in Dubai: $1,300 (4,550 د.إ.‏)

It is a medical cap that can be worn after 4-5 days of surgery. The hair cap will protect the hair graft area. As long as the hair is loose fitting, it will not harm the grafts. There should be some free space between the hair graft and cap so the hair can grow without a problem.


Italian CNC 3D Printed Hair Restoration Cost in Dubai: $1,550 (5,425 د.إ.‏)

The CNC referes to Cesare ragazzi a non-surgical hair restoratio solution. It is the latest innovation of nonsurgical hair restoration, combining a medical-grade prosthesis that covers the scalp part of hair loss.


Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in Dubai: $1,400 (4,900 د.إ.‏)

Scalp micro pigmentation is a cosmetic treatment for hair loss or hair thinning. It is also called a hair tattoo. It is a famous nonsurgical hair loss treatment where natural pigments are used within the dermal layer of the scalp, replicating a natural shaved head look.

Cooling Cap for Hair Retention in Chemotherapy patient Cost in Dubai: $2,130 (7,455 د.إ.‏)

Chemotherapy can cause hair loss by affecting cells that grow hair. Hair follicles in the growth phase are sensitive to chemotherapy, leading to hair loss around two weeks after treatment starts. Cooling caps utilize intense cold to narrow down the blood vessels in the scalp. That kills the cell from hair follicles, where hair is produced.


Camouflage Fibres in Diffuse Thinning Cost in Dubai: $2,350 (8,225 د.إ.‏)

Camouflage Fibres in Diffuse Thinning help camouflage and conceal hair loss to create healthier appearing scalp. Camouflage options for patients who experience hair loss, including partial or full wigs, hair extensions, concealing powders and sprays, hair transplants, and surgical tattoos.


Hair Anti-Aging Cost in Dubai: $900 (3,150 د.إ.‏)

Aging mainly affects hair and skin, which dulls hair color and texture. Anti-aging hair transplant treatment helps regenerate new hair follicles and have a younger appearance. In addition, anti-aging transplants can use laser treatment in Dubai to restore hair on the scalp.


Hair DNA Analysis Cost in Dubai: $1,600 (5,600 د.إ.‏)

Hair analysis is performed by examining DNA and hair structure from cells attached to the hair root. If a hair problem is related to DNA, it is hereditary; the treatment will be done by repairing the DNA.


Bio FUT Cost in Dubai:1.3 USD to 2.8 USD per Graft (6 د.إ.‏)

Bio-Follicular unit transplantation is a process that needs a patient’s regenerative cells to correct the follicular unit transplantation procedure. This hair transplant needs an experienced surgeon to graft thousands of hairs in a single session. It will grow natural-looking hair.

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai’s Different Locations

The Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai increases depending on the location of the clinic and the need for hair grafts for a hair transplant. For example, if a person needs 2,200 hair grafts for a hair transplant, it will cost around AED 2,300.

The hair restoration cost is directly correlated to the size of the affected part, the procedure used, and the number of grafts harvested. The following factors are considered to calculate the hair implants cost:

  • Number of grafts
  • Experience of surgeon
  • baldness severity
  • thickness using hairline layout

Here is Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai’s different locations.


Hair Transplant Charges In Dubai

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai
Average Cost (UAE Dirham د.إ)
Al Bastakiya AED4,200
Al Karama AED4,326
Bur Dubai AED4,410
Business Bay AED4,284
Downtown Dubai AED4,263
Dubai Marina AED4,200
The Palm Jumeirah AED4,347
Al Ain Road AED4,389
Al Baraha AED4,641
Al Barari AED4,725
Al Jaddaf AED4,767
Al Khail Road AED4,809
Al Qudra Road AED4,977
Al Quoz AED4,830
Al Satwa AED4,599
Al Sufouh AED4,557
Barsha Heights Tecom AED4,641

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai and Global Cost and Prices Comparison 2022

A hair transplant is a permanent solution for hair loss. However, the cost of hair transplants changes in every country. Some countries offer low prices, and some most developed countries provide expensive treatment for the same procedure. Every country’s cost of living and facilities also differ, which decides the cost of hair transplants.

Here is a cost comparison of hair transplants in different countries.

  • hair transplant cost in UAE is AED 7,500 – AED 12,000
  • hair restoration cost in the USA is $12,000 to $30,000
  • hair transplant price cost in the UK is £1,000 and £30,000
  • hair plantation cost in Hungary is €2,900
  • hair transplant surgery cost in Germany is €5,000-6,000 €2,51 (per graft)
  • hair transplant procedure cost in Mexico is $3,500 – $5,900
  • hair restoration cost in Spain is $4400 – $11000
  • hair transplant cost in India is ₹24,994 – ₹2,65,279
  • hair transplant cost in Thailand is 20 THB – 160 THB (per graft)

Hair Replacement Cost in Dubai

Country Hair Transplant Cost
UAE AED 7,500 – AED 12,000
USA $12,000 to $30,000
UK £1,000 and £30,000
Hungary €2,900
Germany €5,000-6,000
Mexico $3,500 – $5,900
Spain $4400 – $11000
India ₹24,994 – ₹2,65,279
Thailand 20 THB – 160 THB (per graft)

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1000 Hair Grafts Cost

The reasonable hair transplant cost in Dubai is $3 – $4 that AED12 – AED15. However, 1000 hair grafts cost in Dubai AED 12,000 to AED 15,000 in one sitting.


How much area does 2000 grafts cover?

2000 grafts will cover around half head and one-third of the hair. The exact area will depend on the head size and hair quality of the donor.


3000 hair grafts before and after

Hair transplant numbers of grafts depend on the thickness of the current hair. The donor hair quality will also be necessary for the complete aesthetic appearance of hair.

3000 grafts mean 6000 to 9000 hair transplants. Each graft has 1-4 hair, also called the follicular unit. Contact us for the cost of hair transplant, 4500 grafts hair transplant cost, hair transplant cost per hair.

Hair Transplant Dubai Reviews

Best Hair Transplant In UAE

  • Dubai is a popular destination for hair transplant procedures.
  • The advancement and improvement in hair transplant techniques provide the best aesthetic results that motivate people to choose hair transplants instead of adopting conventional and unnatural ways to solve the problem, such as hair pieces, wigs, hair weaving, and hair extension.
  • Dubai offers reasonable costs for hair transplants.
  • You can find free consultation that helps common people know the benefit of assessment.
  • Currently, the demand for hair transplant clinics in Dubai is high, and the cost also has customized options.
  • Dubai hair transplant clinics manage high-standard protocols for safety and hygienic measures for hair restoration surgery that improve a patient’s confidence level.

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Can Insurance Cover Hair Transplants?

No, hair transplant comes under cosmetic treatments and are not covered by health insurance. Insurance is meant to help in emergency medical complications. But, if hair loss happens because of injury or illness, they might cover under insurance.

If a hair transplant is not covered by insurance, you can have financing and monthly payment options. In addition, you can have tailored payment options to have a hair transplant and relax.


Hair Transplant Success Rate in Dubai

The hair transplant success rate is 95% when the donor and patient are healthy. However, the success rate may be 50-70% if the patient or donor’s hair quality is poor. Make sure to follow your physician’s advice.

Clinical research shows that the implant graft’s success rate is 85-95% which grows in the transplanted part. This high success rate shows that hair transplants are very successful in Dubai.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai 2022

Hair transplant clinics in Dubai have specialized surgeons for treating excessive hair loss problems. Here you can find surgical and nonsurgical hair transplant procedures. Also, find the best and most registered cosmetic clinic for treating scalp baldness or hair loss patches.

You can choose hair transplant treatment depending on your condition because Dubai cosmetic clinic provides the latest technologies and robotic therapies for restoring hair loss. Please contact us to find the best plastic surgeons and top cosmetic clinics in Dubai.


Celebrity Hair Transplant Clinics Dubai

  • Maison Lutétia
  • Cocoona – Cosmetic & Aesthetic Clinic
  • Bizrahmed Clinic
  • Hair Clinic Dubai
  • Alborj Hair Clinic
  • Enfield Royal Clinic
  • Padra Medical Center
  • Montreal International Clinic
  • Novomed
  • American Aesthetic Medical Center

Hair Transplant Procedure in Dubai

Suitable Candidate for Hair transplant?

Although hair transplant surgery is a simple procedure that can give excellent results. A person desiring to have a hair transplant should be healthy and not have the following diseases:

  • Kidney problem
  • Liver failure
  • heart problem
  • diabetes


Can Everyone Do a Hair Transplant?

Females and males can have hair transplants. You need to be healthy and have good hair growth if you want hair transplant in patches of the scalp.


During Hair Transplant

The surgeon will clean the patient scalp and give anesthesia to numb the area.

They use two methods to get the follicles for transplantation: FUE and FUT.


FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation

  • The surgeon will use a scalpel to remove the scalp skin strip from the back part of the head. The incision may be different in inches.
  • It will be closed with stitches.
  • Then the surgeon will separate the extracted scalp portion into the small part using a magnifying lens and a sharp surgical knife. After implanted, these parts will help to get natural hair growth.


FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Hair follicles are removed directly from the back part of the head from 100 – 1000 tiny punch incisions.
  • The surgeon will create tiny holes using a needle or blade in the affected part of the scalp.
  • A surgeon may transplant 100 or 1000 hair during a single treatment session.
  • After the graft, bandages will cover the scalp for some days.
  • The hair transplant session can complete in 4 hours or take more time. The stitches will be removed after ten days of surgery.
  • The patient may need 3 – 4 sessions to get full head hair as desired. A hair transplant session may take several months to heal.

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After Hair Transplant

The scalp may get sore, and the patient needs to take medications after hair transplant surgery, such as:

  • Pain medication
  • Antibiotics to lower the infection risk
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce swelling


Hair Transplant Recovery

  • Most patients can recover in 2 – 5 days after the surgery.
  • The transplanted hair will fall out within 2-3 weeks of surgery, but new hair will grow in some months.
  • Most patients will get 60% of new hair growth after 6-9 months.


Is DHI Better Than FUE?

FUE hair transplantation provides faster recovery and less discomfort since it does not have stitches. That is why FUE hair transplantation is a highly preferred procedure, as it gives better results.


Hair Transplant After 10 Years

Like other hair on the scalp, the hair graft also ages. Hair transplantation provides lasting results. The transplanted hair will not fall permanently with time. Instead, will follow the hair’s natural life cycle, such as growth, cessation, and fall.

Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant

  • Smoking
  • Lifting Weight
  • Touching Transplanted Scalp Part
  • Sleeping Head Down
  • Oiling Or Coloring Hair


Benefits Of Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem that impacts both males and females. It can occur by different factors; while some people experience it as a temporary problem, some aspects cannot reverse it, which will become permanent hair loss. Here are the benefits of hair transplant surgery.

Improved Appearance

The hair transplant provides your glorious days of flaunting hair—this help to improve the hair appearance and boost confidence.

Permanent Solution

A hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss problems. It brings back your peace and happiness.

Prevent Bald Spots

The baldness that causes you to stop being social. It also makes you feel embarrassed about your friends and family. However, after hair transplantation, one can feel free to socialize with more confidence.

Negligible Maintenance

Unlike some procedures that require maintenance and cost more. A hair transplant is a surgery that needs less maintenance. Once the hair follicles begin growing, there is only some essential maintenance.

High Success Rate

There are more alternatives you can choose from instead of hair transplants, but hair transplants have a high success rate. That is the reason people choose this procedure.

Low Possibility Of Complication

Every surgery has some complications that could happen because of human error and exposure to the inner part of the body. But hair transplant surgery is less invasive as it only works on the scalp. Hence this procedure has less possibility of complication after surgery.

Low Side Effects

There is no invasion and general anesthesia given in the procedure. Therefore, there is less chance of side effects from surgical procedures.

Natural Hair

Unlike different solutions like wigs, the hair used is unnatural; this procedure provides natural hair that is taken from the patient. Hence, they do not need fake or mismatched own hair.

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Hair Transplant Risk and Complications

Complications of hair transplant are minor and go in a few weeks:

They can include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising around the eyes
  • Swelling of the scalp
  • Lack of sensation or numbness
  • Crust formation in the scalp
  • Itching
  • Shock loss
  • Temporary hair loss
  • Inflammation in hair follicles


A hair transplant in Dubai is the best treatment for hair thinning and loss. However, a single treatment may only work slowly and may need multiple sessions, increasing the cost, which is rarely covered by insurance. If you talk with your surgeon about the treatment that other ways have not worked to regrow hair, then a hair transplant is the best option.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Dubai

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Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

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