Care Well Medical Centre New Delhi

Care Well Medical Centre New Delhi offers complementary health and care packages enhancing the wellness of a human body. The therapies are conducted under the extreme supervision of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, a renowned trained cosmetic and general surgeon in India. It highly appreciates the latest technological developments enhancing better service solutions for its prestigious clients. The health and care techniques available at this Indian Institute of Health and Care come with a healing package providing a holistic approach to the clients.

Best Quality Melanocyte Transplantation Delhi

Melanocyte Transplantation done at Care Well Medical Centre Delhi adopts the safe and modern technology. Originally the melanocytes were produced from a small donor part of patient’s skin, cultured in the laboratory & were then transplanted on to the vitiligo/depigmented patch after plastic surgery. But now a days modified process is being done where-in the accumulated melanocytes are immediately transplanted on to the vitiligo/depigmented patch of patient skin.Some of the life threatening diseases said to provide a solution through the natural therapy techniques are Cancer, Parkinsonism and Multiple Sclerosis.

We, at Care Well Clinic are integrated to offer the best of services to our clients. As the main aim of the company is to offer the best, thus our dedicated team of skilled professionals are taking efforts to provide you an exquisite range of Antiaging products prepared considering the latest technologies including Biodentical harmones, skin lasers, Peels, Botox, Fillers, Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Management. We being a specialized team of skilled professionals also offer the treatments as well as training sessions including the Cranio Sacral balancing, Rebirthing, Stress Management, Quantum Healing and the Panch Karma therapies in India.

A commitment to be the best in Cosmetic surgery. A Cosmetic and Laparoscopic Surgeon whose primary goals are patient safety and natural appearing results. These are the hallmarks of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin M.S. and Care Well Medical Centre Delhi. Dr. sandeep Bhasin is Known for his expertise in Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, His Areas of Specialty includes Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of face (Face lift, Neck lift, brow lift or forehead lift), Eyelid Eye bags, Nose or nose reshaping surgery, Hair Transplant or Hair Transplantation, Body contouring including Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Body reshaping, Breast Augmentation, scar less & classical breast reduction, Scar less Gynecomastia, Male Breast Reduction, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery of Male & Female Genitals.


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