Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu – Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon In Istanbul 

Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu is one of the renowned plastic surgeons in Turkey with 12 years of experience. With a blend of training from Turkey, the US, and Italy, he’s gained a global reputation for his exceptional surgical finesse. Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu is globally recognized for breast augmentation, liposuction, extended tummy tuck, and postbariatric body contouring surgery. 

An EBOPRAS-accredited specialist. Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu has a unique mastery over facial aesthetics. With his staff at MD Aesthetics, his private clinic, Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu has refined many facial and body treatment processes. These include facial fat transfer to restore volume loss, chin augmentation, and skin retexturing with laser treatments. 

In addition, Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu has been at the forefront of redefining the science of natural tissue breast reconstruction since 2012. Through his 1000+ successful procedures, he has allowed woman to restore the look and feel of their natural breasts after an illness. 

Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu has always been abreast of the latest advancements in face, breast, and body shaping surgeries. His most recent research works are about addressing sagging skin after bariatric surgery. He has participated in over 20 international meetings and conferences and spoken about his pioneering techniques to tighten and contour bodies with excessive skin. Read all about Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu’s experience, patient reviews, photos, and prices of procedures in this post. 


  • Medical studies from Istanbul University Istanbul (Capa) Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey in 2008
  • Residency in Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University
  • Fellowship from the Europen Oncology Institute, Milano, Italy, 2012

Experience To Date – 2024

  • Diyarbakir Gazi Yasargil Training and Research Hospital – 2014 to 2016
  • Medical Park Florya Hospital in Istanbul – 2017 to 2018
  • MD Aesthetics – March 202 to present (2024)


  • Facial and nose aesthetics training from Bahman Guyuron’s Clinic, Cleveland
  • Training in aesthetic and breast reconstruction from Dr. Mario Rietjens

Major Recognitions 

  • Achieved 19th rank in the Medical Specialization Examination in Turkey
  • Qualified as a fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Passed the two-step examination in Brussels and was rewarded with ‘quality recognition.’


  • Turkish Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

Number of Publications

Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu has published 20 research papers that are mentioned in many international referred journals. His research is on the following areas in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

  1. Treatment of non-healing ulcers in the foot of diabetics.
  2. New techniques in partial breast reconstruction.
  3. Correction of body defects
  4. Lower extremity reconstruction
  5. Tumors in the head and neck
  6. Treatment for patients with cleft palate


Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu Reviews 

Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu’s reviews are all satisfactory. People who chose him to date have felt that their aesthetic goals have been fulfilled. There is no negative feedback as yet. 

Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu Bad Reviews 

To date, no patient has reported any bad experience at the hands of Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu. We have no negative feedback about his procedures. 

Has Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu Done Any Botched Surgery?

There have been no instances of a botched surgery by Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu. No patient who chose him has complained of a botched result.

Prices Of Plastic Surgeries By Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu – 2024

Find the pricelist for various cosmetic procedures done by Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu at MD Aesthetics 

Surgery List by Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu Average Cost (in 2024) in US Dollars
Breast Implants Up to $9,760
Breast Reduction Up to $6,865
Breast Uplift Up to $7,600
VASER Liposuction Between $2,778 to $8776
Liposuction Up to $9,898
Abdominoplasty Between $6,901 to $15,967
Brazilian Butt Lift  Up to $5,763
Thigh Lift Upto $6,288
Butt Shaping Up to $5,201
Rhinoplasty Upto $12,270
Mommy Makeover Between $4,800 to $17,595
Neck lift From  $4,125 
Blepharoplasty Up to $6,554
Lip Lift From  $3,255
Face Lift Up to $7,889
Fat Injections on the Face Between $1,385 to $3,100
Labiaplasty From $2,864
Ear otoplasty Up to $5,000
Vaginoplasty Up to $3,974
Gynecomastia Between $2,999 to $5m764
Labiaplasty From $3455


Cosmetic Services Of Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu

Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu’s clinical specialties include the following: 

360 Liposuction

Women who have excess fat throughout their midsection but good skin elasticity benefit from Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu’s 260 Lipo. Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu considers the entire physique and curves of the patient to use this procedure and create a proportionate and aesthetically pleasing midsection. This procedure has given many of his women patients an optimally contoured waist, flanks, and lower back.

Extended Tummy Tuck

Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu usually does extended tummy tuck with 360 liposuction. It brings about a significant transformation in the overall body, especially the waist of the patients. You can find many photos of women who have lost a lot of weight and have excess skin benefitting from this procedure. By removing the excess fat, this procedure slims the appearance of their midsection and flanks.


Rhinoplasty is done for patients who wish to have a balance between their noses with the rest of the facial features. Dr. Diyarbakirlioglu also does this procedure to help patients breathe properly. It’s a therapeutic procedure that requires a combination of medical procedures and high-quality care, both of which Dr. Diyarbakirlioglu possesses. A nose job is thus one of his most in-demand procedures. 


Breast Augmentation

Dr. Diyarbakırlıoğlu enhances the breast size of his patients with augmentation techniques. Breast augmentation before and after photos of his patients perfectly showcase his mastery over this surgery through fat transfer or breast implants. For those opting for breast implant surgery, he uses rounded, saline, smooth, or textured implants. In the fat transfer breast augmentation, he uses liposuction to remove fat from other body parts and inject it into the breasts of his patients. 

Post-bariatric Surgery 

Through postbariatric surgery, Dr Diyarbakırlıoğlu helps people who have lost a lot of weight through bariatric or weight loss surgery. He can perform a combination of tummy tucks and arm lifts to eliminate sagging and improve the skin’s appearance. He performs this surgery in stages. It’s because his patients usually need multiple surgeries to remove excess skin.

Contact Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu

Find the contact details of Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu below. 

Ataköy Kısım Mah. Ataköy Towers B Blok No: 20/86, 34158 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Distance from the Istanbul airport: 40.6 km

The average time it takes to reach: 36 minutes

How to Book Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu Appointment?

You can Book Online Appointment with Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu . Find more details here.

Where can I find Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu Reviews from past clients?

Find Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu Rating and Reviews from past clients here.

What is cost of Plastic Surgery withDr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu ?

Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu Plastic Surgery cost depends on procedure you choose. Find more details here.

Can I have Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu video Consultation?

Yes. Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu available for video consultation. Contact here for details

Is Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu is board certified Surgeon?

Yes. Dr Murat Diyarbakirlioglu is board certified surgeon

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