Coolsculpting Cost in Nairobi

CoolSculpting is less risky than liposuction since it is noninvasive, meaning it does not require surgery, incisions, or anesthesia. Cryolipolysis involves freezing and destroying fat cells at extremely low temperatures.

The treatment was developed to target stubborn fat that refused to respond to diet and exercise.

Our Therapists utilize an unique instrument to cool particular regions of your body to a freezing degree during a CoolSculpting procedure. Fat cells in the area of your body being treated are frozen and killed throughout the treatment.

Cool Sculpting procedure lasts 1 to 3 hours and can expect minimal recovery time. You can resume normal day-to-day activities couple of hours after the procedure.

Coolsculpting Cost in Nairobi

Coolsculpting cost in Nairobi Average Cost (Kenyan shilling)
Neck Coolsculpting Ksh 280,000
Abdomen Coolsculpting Ksh 270,000
Chin Coolsculpting Ksh 220,000
Buttocks Coolsculpting Ksh 260,000
Arm Coolsculpting Ksh 230,000
Thigh Coolsculpting Ksh 235,000
Breast Coolsculpting Ksh 245,000
Love handles Coolsculpting Ksh 225,000
Knee Coolsculpting Ksh 275,000
Back Coolsculpting Ksh 280,000
Calf Coolsculpting Ksh 235,000


Why Coolsculpting Surgery in Nairobi

Many people travel from different parts of Kenya and abroad for Coolsculpting surgery in Nairobi. Top five reasons people choose Nairobi for Coolsculpting surgery are,

  • Qualifies and Experienced Coolsculpting Surgeons in Nairobi
  • Availability of latest Coolsculpting technologies and required Infrastructure
  • High Coolsculpting Success rate in Nairobi
  • Coolsculpting price in Nairobi is affordable
  • Coolsculpting Before and After photos in Nairobi are awesome

Coolsculpting Cost in Nairobi


Coolsculpting Cost in Kenya Cost in Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
Nairobi Ksh 270,000
Mombasa Ksh 284,000
Kisumu Ksh 289,600
Nakuru Ksh 281,200
Ruiru Ksh 289,600
Eldoret Ksh 285,400
Kikuyu Ksh 306,000
Thika Ksh 305,800


Coolsculpting Insurance Coverage in Nairobi

Insurance coverage for Coolsculpting Surgery in Nairobi depends on Insurance company and product you have purchased.

Top Health Insurance companies in Kenya are,

Jubilee Health Insurance

CIC General Health Insurance

APA Insurance Health Insurance

UAP Insurance Health Insurance

Britam Health Insurance

FAQs on Coolsculpting in Nairobi

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Where can I find Coolsculpting Reviews from past clients in Nairobi?

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Can I get Coolsculpting Before and After Photos in Nairobi?

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