Bombay Cosmetic Clinic

Welcome to this island city of Bombay and to Bombay cosmetic clinic. We offer a a wide array of treatment options for beauty and health. Our goal is to achieve a perfect balance of beauty & health to help you feel and look your best through quality care. We are here to listen to your specific needs and concerns and overcome any anxieties that you may have. Treatment solutions to your specific problems will be discussed with you in detail with complete transparency and privacy.

Meet our team :

Dr Viraj Tambwekar
M.S.(Gen. surgery), D.N.B. (Plastic Surgery)
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon

Dr Sonal Tambwekar
B.D.S., M.D.S. (Periodontology)
Periodontist and Implantologist

Dr Nariman Kavina
B.D.S., M.D.S. (Orthodontia)

Dr Neha Shetty
General Dentist

Feeling Anxious.
We understand that everyone is different and will all have different fears and anxieties. We understand that you may feel nervous, worried or just plain afraid before a visit to the doctor. We are here to help you work through your worries and concerns until you feel confident to be treated.

We understand
If you have any specific fears do not hesitate to tell us about them. All our staff members are experienced in dealing with patients anxieties and will not be surprised by any of your worries.

Your Privacy
We do not and will not share any details of the procedure carried out for you or your contact details with any third party. Your details will remain specific to our records only and are treated as confidential.

Our high hygiene standards.
This is something not often discussed but is very important to us. Every item that we use will be either disposable which means it is thrown away after a single use or it will be sterilized. This is to protect you. The staff in the operatory all wear gloves masks and eye protection to protect you, as well as themselves.


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On Premises Facilities

On-premise pharmacy, WiFi Connectivity, Waiting area, Parking Available,

Accessible to disabled people, Public transport access, Toilet Access,

Canteen Access, CCTV Security System, Personal Assistant, TV Facility,

Air Conditioned Rooms, Guest Rooms nearby, etc