Liposuction cost in Mexico

Our surgeons perform liposuction surgery, also known as lipoplasty or liposculpture surgery, to remove stubborn fat from troublesome areas like the hips, thighs, buttocks, or abdomen. Bulges, unsightly contours, and dips in the patients’ bodies that make them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable are removed during our procedure. Mexico has best price for Liposuction, average Liposuction cost in Mexico is  3100 USD.

Liposuction cost in Mexico, Year 2022

Liposuction in Mexico Average Cost (USD)
Tijuana $3064
Cancun $3100
Mexico City $3000
Puerto Vallarta $3050
Zapopan $3250

Average Liposuction cost in Mexico is 3,200 USD.

Low cost Liposuction in Mexico is $2,900, year 2022.

Liposuction package in Mexico is 3,800 USD all inclusive (Surgeon Fees, Anesthesia, Medicines, Consumables, Accommodation and Local Transport).

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Tijuana – Mexico? 

Liposuction package in Tijuana starts from $3,400, year 2022.

Low cost Liposuction surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is $2,850.

Average Liposuction surgery cost in Tijuana is 3,000 USD. 

Liposuction surgery in Tijuana city of Mexico is very safe and has a high success rate.

Many people from the USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asian countries travel to Tijuana city for Liposuction Surgery.

Liposuction cost in Tijuana, Mexico is affordable and has less or no waiting time. Board certified Plastic surgeons perform Liposuction surgery in Tijuna, Mexico. Contact here for Free Liposuction Cost estimate in Tijuana city, Mexico.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Cancun – Mexico?

Liposuction package in Cancun starts from $3,100.

Low cost Liposuction surgery in Cancun Mexico is $2,700.

Average Liposuction surgery cost in Cancun is 2,900 USD, year 2022.

 Liposuction surgery in Cancun city of Mexico is very safe and has a high success rate. Many people from the USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asian countries travel to Cancun city for Liposuction Surgery.

Liposuction cost in Cancun, Mexico is affordable and has less or no waiting time. Board certified Plastic surgeons perform Liposuction surgery in Cancun, Mexico.

Contact here for Free Liposuction Cost estimate in Cancun city, Mexico.

Why Do People Choose Mexico to Have Liposuction?

People come from all over the world to benefit from highly developed medical centers and first-rate therapeutic services at affordable pricing. Every year, about one million overseas patients visit Mexico. As a result, Mexico is one of the top ten countries with the most established medical tourism industries. Find affordable Liposuction cost in Mexico at $3100.

Highly Skilled Doctors: Due to high-skilled doctors who complete internships in American and European institutions, Mexico is a well-known country around the world. Patients from the United States and Canada prefer to have treatment in Mexico over other locations.

Low cost surgery: Because of its low expenses, Mexico is a popular destination for medical tourists. Due to the typical local citizen’s income and the country’s overall price policy, you might save up to 60% on services when compared to Canada or the United States.

What is Breast Augmentation cost in Mexico different as compared to the United States and Canada?

Liposuction cost in Mexico is around $3100, also Mexico is considered among top 10 countries to provide best liposuction surgery at affordable price. Compared to Mexico, United States’s surgeons offer Liposuction at $6500 and in Canada Liposuction can be done at $4650. Cost is considered to be a major reason for people to choose Turkey more than US and Canada. 

Liposuction Surgery in Mexico

Capital of Mexico Mexico City
Major Cities of Mexico Mexico City, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Puebla, Cancun
Cost of Liposuction in Mexico $3100
Liposcution Surgery Time in Mexico 1 hour per treatment area
Recovery Time of Liposuction in Mexico Physical activity can be resumed by 2-5 days.

Types of Liposuction surgery available in Mexico

Traditional liposuction: It involves making an incision and removing a cannula, which is then pushed back and forth to break up fat cells and suck them out. Liposuction is traditionally done under general anesthetic.

Tumescent Liposuction: Tumescent liposuction is the safest and most effective technique of liposuction surgery. Through small incisions, large quantities of saline solution are pumped into the fatty region to be treated. The saline solution aids in muscle and fat separation. A cannula is then passed back and forth over the areas of excess fat and fat extraction by the vacuum pump.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL): It is commonly known as ultrasonic liposuction, employs ultrasonic energy to liquefy excess fat prior to surgical suction. It also tightens the skin throughout the procedure, which is a bonus.

Power-assisted liposuction (PAL): This procedure uses a regulated cannula to make small, rapid motions that loosen and break up fat cells, allowing more fat to be removed and causing less discomfort and bleeding following surgery.

Laser-Assisted Lipolysis (LAL): A narrow tube, also known as laser-guided lipo, is placed through the incision to inject laser energy and heat into the fat, which is subsequently sucked out beneath the skin.

Preparations for Liposuction in Mexico

Prior to the treatment, you will have a thorough examination with the surgeon, during which he will assess your overall health and candidacy for liposuction. If he thinks you’ll be a good fit, he’ll take thorough photos and measurements, and you’ll start planning your surgery together, based on your aesthetic goals and a realistic outcome. In the 20 days leading up to the procedure, no aspirin-containing medicine should be taken.

What happens during Liposuction Surgery in Mexico?

To ensure utmost safety, all liposuction treatments are performed in a hospital by a surgeon. They collaborate with a board-certified anesthesiologist who will administer general anesthetic or intravenous sedation, depending on your health, preferences, and the details of your treatment. A tumescent technique is used by the surgeon to do liposuction. He will make tiny incisions through which a small tube, or cannula, will inject a sterile fluid into the treatment region after you have been anesthetized. He will loosen and split up the fat cells with this tube before carefully removing them. This method relieves pain and cuts down on bleeding.

The advantages of liposuction are immediately noticeable, and the procedure has a rapid recovery time. Although swelling and discomfort are frequent side effects, they can usually be handled with over-the-counter pain medicines. The surgeon will also give you a compression garment to wear for around two months after your treatment. You should be able to return to work in five to seven days, and within a month, you should be able to resume your full spectrum of physical activities.

Recovery from Liposuction Surgery in Mexico

For the first few days after surgery, it is usual to have some stiffness and edoema. Following your post-surgical instructions, resting, and taking your medications as instructed will help you recover quickly and comfortably. Following your operation, you will be needed to wear a specific compression garment to help your skin adjust to your new features. Patients can usually resume minimal daily activities within the first week, and all other forms of physical exertion by the third week.

Although some effects are obvious right away, as the swelling goes down, your outcomes will continue to show. Allow your it to heal at its own pace. You’ll be able to appreciate your wonderfully sculpted body in four to six months.

What are the side-effects people face after Liposuction Surgery in Mexico?

Liposuction is a major treatment that carries a lot of risks. It’s crucial to discuss all of the risks with your doctor before receiving liposuction. During surgery, there are several hazards to consider:

  • damage to other organs or puncture wounds
  • problems associated with anesthesia
  • equipment burns, such as ultrasound probes
  • injury to the nerves
  • shock
  • death

Can I get Liposuction Before and After Photos in Mexico?

 Yes. You can get Liposuction surgery Before and After Photos in Mexico.

Liposuction is one of the common procedures Mexican surgeons perform regularly. They can also provide you with before and after photos for Liposuction in Mexico but only when you go on a visit or consultation to surgery because plastic surgeons consider the patient’s privacy before providing the surgery images. 

Liposuction Reviews in Mexico

Polls show that liposuction is overwhelmingly popular in Mexico. Patients in Mexico are extremely satisfied with the outcomes of liposuction surgery. Liposuction procedures are performed here by board-certified Mexican surgeons.

Negative liposuction reviews are uncommon in Mexico. The main reasons for negative liposuction surgery evaluations in Mexico are patients’ unreasonable expectations or cost. As a result, you should search for the best plastic surgeon in Mexico based on ratings and cost.

The experience and reviews on Reddit for Liposuction surgery in Mexico are positive. On Quora, the experience and reviews of Liposuction surgery in Mexico are positive.

Instagram photos of top Liposuction surgeons performing Liposuction surgery in Mexico are available. On request, Liposuction YouTube videos from Celebrity Liposuction surgeons in Mexico are available.

Any Botched Liposuction surgery in Mexico

Liposuction surgery gone wrong is unusual in Mexico. Mexico is home to highly skilled plastic surgeons who consistently produce excellent outcomes for all patients. In Mexico, liposuction surgery is performed using world-class facilities and cutting-edge technology.

Liposuction surgeries that go wrong are extremely rare in Mexico. Even the most basic medical treatment can go wrong in any country, so botched liposuction surgery in Mexico should not be used as a deciding factor.

Documents required for Mexico Visa

The necessary documents required for Mexico Visa:

  • A Mexico Visa Application Form.
  • A valid passport or other travel documents.
  • Photocopy of your passport.
  • Passport-size pictures.
  • Booked return travel ticket.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Employment status documents.
  • Cover letter.
  • Mexico visa fee.
  • Any additional documents related to your purpose of travel.

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Can I get Before and After photo and Videos for Liposuction in Mexico?

Yes. Let’s know your Liposuction requirements and get Photo, Videos.