LED light therapy protects your skin-firming collagen, while stimulating production of more.

LED light therapy uses specific wavelengths of light (most commonly blue and red) to help treat conditions on or just beneath your skin’s surface.

Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria. It also targets sun damage, enlarged oil glands, and precancerous skin lesions. Combined with topical medications, it can also treat certain skin cancers.
Red light activates collagen production and boosts your skin’s glow. It can also reduce the overproduction of oil and mitigate redness caused by acne and rosacea.

Also known as: Red light therapy, Blue light therapy, LED red light, LED blue light, Low-power laser therapy, Photomodulation, Photonic stimulation, Photorejuvenation

  • LED light therapy might be a good choice for you if:
  • You want a gentle, no-chemical, no-downtime rejuvenating facial.
  • LED therapy is completely noninvasive and causes little if any discomfort.
    You have acne that hasn’t responded to other treatments. LED light can help calm the sebaceous glands that pump oils into the skin, and “LED therapy can help with acne by killing bacteria.

The LED light a free-standing light array, a full-face mask, and/or a hand-held lamp.

The lights my pulse or flash, but you should feel no discomfort.

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