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Vaginoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Is vaginoplasty really effective?
Yeah. It decreases the vaginal lining, and tightens the muscles to make the vagina normal. Hence many women are getting this cosmetic surgery done.

What is the recovery time?

Planning ahead will play a vital role in your recovery time. Some procedures are more invasive than others, so knowing what to expect and how you should prepare will help ease any stress. Once you know which procedures are going to be right for you, you should begin planning. You may need to schedule time off, enlist the help of friends and family while you recover as well as meal prep to make your downtime much less stressful.

How will the procedure be performed?

Having any medical procedure can bring anxiety, but discussing the details of the procedure can help ease any worries you may have. Your surgeon can take you step-by-step through the process and answer any questions you have as they go. Nonsurgical procedures usually take 30 minutes to one hour and no downtime is required, while a labiaplasty can take up to one to two hours to perform as well as two to five days for recovery time.

Am I suitable for this surgery?
Every woman is suitable for this surgery.

What results can I expect from it?
Your vagina is shaped up till the cervix. So you feel very youthful after the operation.

 I have no kids. I want to get the vaginoplasty, is it possible?
Some women have wide vaginal cavities even if they have no children. They can enjoy tremendous results from vaginoplasty.


What type of results should I expect?

It is important to be realistic and understand the time frame in which you may see results and how long these results will last. Depending on the procedure, results can be immediate or may take up to three months or longer to see final outcomes. Results also depend on the woman’s genetics, the specific procedure chosen and her adherence to follow-up care. It’s important to discuss all of this with your surgeon so that you have realistic expectations.

 Are there any visible scars? Can my husband identify that I had surgery?
There are no visible scars at all. The incisions are made at the natural vaginal creases. So, after the surgery, the scars get neatly tucked in these creases. After some days, the scars fade and they are not visible.

 How much time will take for the results to show up?
The results are evident right after the recovery period.

 Can I have sex after some days?
You have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks, till the recovery is completed.


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