Ask ExpertsCategory: Breast ReductionTraditional Breast Reduction Vs Laser Bra Surgery
tanya asked 2 years ago

I am doing research for my Breast Reduction. When researching the Laser Bra, I discovered that the procedure is about 1 & 1/2-2 hours, however when researching traditional Breast Reduction and Lift, some doctors say that the procedure will be around 4-5 hours for sculpting my own natural tissue.
Do any of you have any reservations about the Laser Bra technique? Why is the time difference so big? I have not found any pictures of traditional reduction and lifts 

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Dr Sumit answered 2 years ago

I have done this on hundreds of happy women for over 14 years ( including 2 family members, numerous employees, numerous nurses who have watched it, and multiple physicians including a past fellow who does the surgery herself!) Many of my Board Certified Fellows are doing it around the country and I would be happy to assist any of you to find a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.