Is my vaginal opening normal? I feel like it is abnormal

DWQA QuestionsCategory: LiposuctionIs my vaginal opening normal? I feel like it is abnormal
Sanjana asked 9 months ago

There is never any pain or itching. I noticed one side had more skin and then I looked at it more and if I pull on one side there is a small hole. I’m not sure if it is just a fold? I have had sex, but not for 3 or so years. I never looked closely at my vagina until recently

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Dr Monisha Kapoor answered 9 months ago

The appearance of external genitalia and the vaginal opening will vary just like peoples ears or noses vary in appearance.  You look perfectly normal and don’t require surgery according to the photo.  An examination by a doctor with a mirror may be helpful as you can show the doctor what is bothering you.

Dr Swathi P answered 2 weeks ago

It seems you still have tags on your hymen. When they annoy you, they may be surgically removed, but the presence of your vaginal opening definitely does not do anything wrong. The size of a vaginal opening is substantially variable. The tissue in this section of the vagina region is quite repetitive, and can appear to be folded or wavy.

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