Best Thigh Lift Surgeons in Mexico

In the below article you will get to known about Thigh Lift Surgery in detail. You will find Thigh Lift cost in Mexico, which is when compared with cost of the US or Canada is very low and much affordable. You can get treatment from best surgeons of Mexico at best price. 

The inner thighs are the subject of the typical thigh lift operation. To remove extra skin and fat, incisions are done at the hip crease. To remove excess fat, he may combine a thigh lift with liposuction in some circumstances. In some cases, liposuction may be all that is needed to achieve the desired results.

Thigh Lift Cost in Mexico

Thigh Lift in Mexico Average Cost (USD)
Tijuana $2965
Cancun $3000
Mexico City $2900
Puerto Vallarta $3100
Zapopan $2905

Why choose Mexico for Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh Lift surgery in the United States can cost up to $10,000 USD. Thigh Lift surgery in Mexico is safe, simple, and economical, with operation packages starting at $3,000 USD and minimal wait times. Thigh Lift cost in Mexico is comparatively low. 

Because of the low cost of land, labour, and supplies in the regions where they practise, Mexican medical providers may provide such inexpensive prices compared to those in the United States. Despite the low cost, the Thigh Lift surgery’s safety, quality, and efficacy are never compromised, and the patient experience is far superior to that of the United States.

When to go for Thigh Lift Surgery?


  • If you have a lot of extra skin on your inner, medial, or outer thighs.
  • Following weight loss caused by bariatric surgery, the skin quality in the thighs deteriorated.
  • If you have lost a lot of weight through dieting or exercise,
  • If you have loose skin or cellulite in your thighs as a result of pregnancy or ageing,
  • If you have excessive thigh skin laxity and sagginess,
  • If excess skin on the thigh hampers mobility and causes rashes or infections, it’s time to see a doctor.

Who can be the Ideal candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery in Mexico?


Thigh lift surgery candidates include:

  • Patients who have lost a lot of weight and have a lot of extra skin and have reached their weight goal.
  • Patients who have asymmetry in their thighs.
  • Patients with sagging skin in their thighs say that it prevents them from conducting their regular tasks.
  • Patients who are willing to make a healthy lifestyle commitment.

What are the types of Thigh Lift?

Types of Thigh Lift Surgery:

  • The incision is made within the groyne and the regular thigh lift (short-scar) only involves a small lift with a scar just at the inguinal area.
  • The extended thigh lift (long-scar) is a more significant lift that removes more tissue; the resulting scar is in the shape of a “T”: one horizontal line at the inguinal area and one vertical line extending downwards to the knee — the incision is made from the groyne to the knee.


How long do I need to stay in Mexico for Thigh lift surgery?

Because thigh lift surgery is usually done as an outpatient treatment, you should be able to leave the hospital the same day. However, because your doctor must remove the stitches within two weeks of the procedure, the overall length of stay in Mexico is recommended to be around 14 days.

How long does it take to get a Thigh Lift?

The surgery can take anywhere from 1h 30 mins to 2h 30 mins within the nose, depending on the surgeon and the level of improvement.

What happens before Thigh Lift surgery?  

Before surgery, you’ll be told to quit smoking for at least four weeks. In addition, the surgeon will advise you to refrain from taking certain medications, such as aspirin (blood thinning agents). You’ll be given a list of lab tests to take, the results of which will indicate whether or not you’re ready for the treatment.


Which type of anaesthesia is used for Thigh lift surgery? 

The procedure can be done under local anaesthesia with sedation or under general anaesthesia.

What happens during the surgery?

The surgery takes 1 to 2 hours and is conducted under general anaesthesia. Individual outcomes may differ.

After the incisions are created, the extra skin that was preoperatively marked just below the thigh-pelvis junction is removed. The skin of the inner thigh is lifted and dragged upwards, and the connection is sutured. Our doctors will frequently suggest combining a thigh lift with a stomach tuck, which is entirely up to you. Incisions are frequently closed in layers.

Aftercare for Thigh Lift Surgery

Patients will receive a series of instructions from their surgeon after their Thigh Lift Surgery. They must follow the instructions precisely in order to get the desired results. The following are our post-operative instructions:

Patients need to wear a compression garment.

Patients are required to take two weeks off work.

Patients must avoid sitting for the first few weeks to prevent pressure off the thigh area.

During their recovery, patients are not allowed to use aspirin.

What is the Recovery Process for Thigh Lift?

Day 1–7: Bed rest, with only short walks to the bathroom permitted.

The compression garment and pads will be removed on days 7 to 10 by your surgeon.

From day 10 to day 12, a compression garment is worn 24 hours a day.

Day 12–14: Walking is permitted inside your home.

It is not permitted to sit for the first 12 days.

You can start returning to work on the 14th day.

After 8 weeks, you can resume normal activities.

When can be Results seen after the surgery?

It is necessary to have a good overview of the outcome within three to five months, knowing that the ultimate appearance will be attained after eight to twelve months after surgery.

What is the difference between thigh lift surgery and extended thigh lift?

The inner thighs are the subject of the typical thigh lift operation. To remove extra skin and fat, incisions are done at the hip crease. To remove excess fat, he may combine a thigh lift with liposuction in some circumstances. In other cases, liposuction may be all that is required to achieve the desired results.

A horizontal incision at the hip crease, as well as vertical incisions down the inner thigh down to the knees, are used in an extended thigh lift. This is a far less common version of the process.

Risk and Complications after Thigh lift surgery

Wound breakdown at the intersection of suture lines in the groyne is the most prevalent side effect, caused by excessive stretching of the tight closure caused by patient movement. Tension in these places might also result in widened scars.

Best Thigh Lift Surgeons in Mexico

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