Best Breast Fat Transfer Surgeons in Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for Breast Fat Transfer Surgery, the country has many experienced and skilled surgeons, graduated from top universities. One of the best advantage is the Breast Fat Transfer cost in Mexico is very low, people come here from many parts of world.

Breast fat transfer is a safe and natural method of restoring volume and shape to your breasts that has been lost due to ageing, weight loss, pregnancy, or breast feeding. Fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as lipomodelling, is the name given to this procedure.

Fat is extracted from an excess part of the body and transferred to an area that requires repair or augmentation. This is done to improve volume and adjust proportion, and in most cases, the benefits are long-lasting.

Breast Fat Transfer Cost in Mexico

Breast Fat Transfer in Mexico Average Cost (USD)
Tijuana $3953
Cancun $3950
Mexico City $3930
Puerto Vallarta $3850
Zapopan $3900

Average Fat Breast Transfer cost in Mexico is $3900.

Is fat transfer breast augmentation right for me?

A ‘breast augmentation with fat transfer’ isn’t for everyone because you must be at least a dress size 10-12 to be eligible.

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider patients whose bodies lack sufficient fat reserves. If you qualify and are looking for minor modifications that are less intrusive than other operations, this is a fantastic option.

The treatment can be performed to balance asymmetrical breasts (uneven breasts) or restore one cup size of volume as an alternative to implants. Patients who require a small increase in size and have enough fat in other regions of the body, such as the legs or tummy, are candidates.

How long does it take for Breast Transfer Surgery?

This procedure takes longer than standard implant-based breast augmentation. It usually takes 4-6 hours to complete.

How is the Breast Fat Transfer performed?

The procedure entails liposuctioning excess fat from one section of the body and injecting it into another that requires augmentation. This improves volume and changes proportion while also providing long-term effects.

Your surgeon may ‘overfill’ your breasts, so don’t be surprised if they appear bigger than you anticipated. This overfilling compensates for the fact that your body normally reabsorbs roughly 40% of the fat injected.

Local anaesthetic can be used to accomplish fat transfer treatments. Our surgeons will discuss with you the location from which you want to remove fat and what breast augmentation results you might be able to accomplish.

What is the aftercare for Breast Fat Transfer?

Incisions of 3-4 mm will be made at the liposuction site and around the breast. They’re coated with a bandage-like dressing that’s waterproof.

A follow-up visit will be scheduled after the surgery, and the bandage at the incision site will be removed.

The next day, you can shower.

You may have pain for several weeks, as well as swelling and bruising. If you have trouble breathing, chest pain, or a fever, see a doctor every once.

Up to four weeks following the treatment, avoid vigorous physical activity, including physical exercise and sexual activity.

For the first two weeks after surgery, avoid laying on your stomach.

Compression garments and a sports bra should be worn in the area of fat removal for 4-6 weeks after surgery.

How long does it take for breast fat transfer recovery?

There will be some bruising around the liposuction area afterward, but this will go away in 7-10 days.

The actual recuperation time for a fat transfer breast augmentation will vary depending on your treatment and natural variances, but you can use the following as a general reference.

7-14 days after dressings are removed

Return to work time: 2-14 days

4-6 weeks of swimming

4-12 weeks of exercise and sex

2-12 weeks for complete healing

Following surgery, you may be required to wear a compression garment for 1-2 weeks.

How long will it take to Breast Fat Transfer to settle?

In 6 months, the breasts will have settled into their final shape. Because part of the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body during the first few months after the treatment, it might take up to 6 months for a surgical fat transfer to fully take effect.

Is Breast Fat Transfer safe ?

Breast Fat Transfer surgery is a procedure of transferring fats from Breast by performing plastic surgery to any other part of the body or from another part to the Breast. Yes, it is very safe in Mexico. Many patients come from the US, Canada to Mexico for Breast fat Transfer procedure because of the experienced surgeon, aftercare taken in Mexico and also no waiting time for surgery. 

Is Insurance available for Breast Fat Transfer Surgery in Mexico?

We understand that many people cannot afford coming to a foreign country and  paying for Breast Fat Transfer Surgery. This is the reason Mexico hospitals have the facility for Insurance coverage. But many Insurance companies don’t provide coverage for plastic surgery. You need to first confirm it with the company.  

Another way to manage your expenses is by choosing the EMI payment option. Mexican Hospitals availed the EMI options, which helps patients to pay for surgery in small amounts.  

Risk and Complications Involved in Breast Fat Transfer in Mexico


Breast augmentation with fat transfer, like any other medical procedure, comes with its own set of dangers that prospective patients should be aware of. The following are some of the dangers linked with the procedure:

  • Infection
  • Fat cells perish.
  • Cyst development
  • Microcalcification

There’s a chance that some of the transferred cells will leave the breast.

Are Breast Fat Transfer results permanent?

Without the use of an implant, Breast Fat Transfer provides permanent results that feel and look like real breast tissue. Many ladies prefer the more subtle augmentation afforded by Breast Fat Transfer for these reasons.

Best Breast Fat Transfer Surgeons in Mexico

FAQs on Breast Fat Transfer in Mexico

Who is the Best Breast Fat Transfer Surgeon in Mexico?

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How much does Breast Fat Transfer cost in Mexico ?

Breast Fat Transfer cost varies based on multiple factors. Find Breast Fat Transfer cost in Mexico here

Where can I find Breast Fat Transfer Surgeon reviews in Mexico?

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Can I get Before and After photo and Videos for Breast Fat Transfer in Mexico?

Yes. Let’s know your Breast Fat Transfer requirements and get Photo, Videos.

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