Melasma Treatment in Dhaka

Melasma is a pigmentation disorder that usually causes brown or gray patches to appear on the skin, mainly on the face.

Most common areas of face melasma include,

  • the bridge of the nose
  • the forehead
  • the cheeks
  • the upper lip

Melasma Treatment options in Dhaka,

A Dermatologist can recommend any one or more combination of treatments for Melasma removal.

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peel
  • Laser treatment
  • Light therapy
  • Dermabrasion

Melasma Treatment Cost in Dhaka

Melasma Treatment cost in Dhaka depends on multiple factors like,

Actual required Melasma Treatment area

Melasma Treatment Technology used

Required Medications for Melasma Treatment


Melasma Treatment cost in Bangladesh

Melasma treatment cost in Bangladesh Average Cost in Dhaka (BDT Taka)
Microdermabrasion 18,000৳
Chemical peel 14,000৳
Laser treatment 25,000৳
Light therapy 12,000৳
Dermabrasion 16,000৳


Top Melasma Treatment Specialists in Dhaka

Hos is Melasma diagnosed in Dhaka?

Melasma is also with a visual examination of the affected region. Your dermatologist can also conduct tests to rule out specific causes.

A Wood’s lamp inspection is one method of research. This is a unique type of light that is projected onto your skin. It enables the doctor to screen for bacterial and fungal infections as well as assess how many layers of skin are affected by melasma. They can also conduct a biopsy to check for any severe skin conditions. A small piece of the infected skin is removed and tested in this procedure.

Is Melasma treatment permanent?

Majority of cases yes. But in few cases Melasma therapy does not guarantee that the condition will not return, and certain forms of melasma cannot be fully lightened. To minimize the risk of melasma recurrence, you will need to return for follow-up visits and adhere to some skin care procedures. These involve limiting your exposure to the sun and applying sunscreen on a regular basis.


Laser Melasma Treatment Benefits

For removing Melasma, lasers are helpful.

Benefits of Melasma Treatment by laser include:

Accuracy: Lasers will target precisely remove melasma, while leaving the skin covering it undamaged.

Speed: Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second to treat several skin layers simultaneously. Every second, the laser will treat an area about the size of a fifth. Small areas can be handled in less than a minute, such as the upper lip, and wide areas can take up to an hour, such as the back or legs.

Predictability: Most patients have permanent Melasma Treatment an average of three to seven sessions.


What is Low cost Melasma treatment in Bangladesh?

Laser Treatment City Average Cost (Bangladesh Taka, BDT)
Melasma Treatment Dhaka 12,000৳
Melasma Treatment Chattogram 15,000৳
Melasma Treatment Sylhet 14,000৳
Melasma Treatment Khulna 13,000৳
Melasma Treatment Rajshahi 12,000৳
Melasma Treatment Cox’s Bazar 18,000৳



How does Melasma Treatment Options in Dhaka?

Chemical Peels in Dhaka:

A chemical peel removes the top layer of skin by using a special solution. This procedure removes discoloured patches and the melanin pigment from the skin while also encouraging new skin development. Melasma is best treated with a mixture of chemical peels and a topical skin lightener. This ensures more consistent peel penetration and lowers the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (where the skin actually gets darker instead of lighter).

Microneedles in Dhaka:

Microneedles are very short needles with a length of 0.1–1 mm. They can be used to build pores in the top layer of skin, allowing topical cream ingredients to penetrate into the layers of skin that contain blood vessels and pigment cells. When combined with topical creams, microneedling is most effective. Microneedling does not have a good evidence base for treating melasma on its own.

Dermabrasion in Dhaka:

Dermabrasion was developed to help with acne wounds, pox marks, and injury or illness scars. It’s ineffective for treating congenital skin defects, the majority of moles, pigmented birthmarks, and burn scars.

Dermabrasion is generally only suitable for fair-skinned citizens. Dermabrasion can cause scarring or discoloration in people with darker skin.


Microdermabrasion in Dhaka:

Microdermabrasion can be used on any skin type or colour. It makes small changes to the skin without causing scarring or changing the colour of the skin. It’s ineffective for more serious issues like scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, or deep acne scars.

There is less downtime with microdermabrasion than with dermabrasion. The skin turns pink for a short time, but it returns to normal within 24 hours. There is no need for surgery or anesthetics. People who are unable to take “down time” for healing can benefit from this.


How is the laser Melasma Treatment works?

Laser is a focused beam of light energy used to heat and destroy precise targets in the skin. The targets in lasers for skin lightening are called chromophores, which include melanin. Conservative (low-energy) treatments are generally recommended in order to reduce the risk of rebound pigmentation, where the skin gets darker instead of lighter. As a result, lasers are considered second or third-line treatment options for the treatment of melasma.


What is end result of Melasma?

Melasma is a difficult condition to treat, both for the patient and the physician. Treatment takes a long time to work, particularly if it has been present for a long time.

Even among those who have had a positive response to treatment, pigmentation will reappear when exposed to the sun in the summer.

To set realistic expectations and outcomes, the chronicity and risk of relapse, as well as the need for lifelong sun protection, should be emphasized.

Low Cost Melasma Treatment in Dhaka

Dhaka city in Bangladesh is preferred destination for Low cost Melasma Treatment because,

  • Availability of trained Melasma Treatment specialists in Dhaka
  • Advanced Melasma Treatment Technology in Dhaka
  • High Melasma Treatment Success rate in Dhaka
  • Good Reviews from past clients for Melasma Treatment in Dhaka
  • Low cost Melasma Treatment in Dhaka mainly because large number of clients and multiple Melasma Treatment centers.

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