Gynaecomastia OR Male Breast Surgery in Chennai – Find Best Surgeon, Hospital, Cost and Success Rate

Gynaecomastia OR Male Breast Surgery in Chennai – Find Best Surgeon, Hospital, Cost and Success Rate

“Gynaecomastia” means abnormal enlargement of breasts in males. In colloquial terms, it is also referred as ‘male-boobs’. The typical patient is a young adult male between 20-28 years of age and is embarrassed with his looks and avoids changing in public or doing activities like swimming. Anything which will make youngsters look different from their peers and invite ridicule can have a dampening effect on their self-esteem and confidence.

Gynaecomastia is swelling of the breast tissue in boys ormencaused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Newborns, boys going through puberty and older men may develop gynecomastia bangas a result of normal changes in hormone levels, though other causes also exist.

During puberty, hormonal changes cause the breast to enlarge in boys. This disappears over time in many cases. It persists in some cases into adulthood and is called Idiopathic gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can also be due to hormone intake( in bodybuilders), use of certain drugs or rarely due to endocrine disorders. It is a source of acute embarrassement leading to social inhibition and psychological problems.

What are the causes of Gynaecomastia?

1. Pubertal Gynaecomastia or Male Breast Enlargement is due to an imbalance between estrogens (female hormones) and androgens (male hormones). Most cases are just developmental during adolescence and no real cause can be found. In pubertal gynaecomastia which persists in adults, the hormone levels are found to be normal and it may be due to the difference in sensitivity of circulating hormones.

2. Obesity plays in different ways. It has been found that in obese people there is an increased activity of a body enzyme called ‘aromatase’ which causes conversion of androgens into estrogens by a process called ‘aromatization’. Estrogens being female hormones thus cause breast enlargement in males.

3. Steroids—Those wanting to be super fit and trying to ape their superstars six packs take the shortcut with nutritional supplements laced with steroids which cause inhibition of our body’s natural male hormones (androgens) causing an imbalance between estrogens and androgens. Under the influence of relatively increased activity of estrogens, there is male breast enlargement.

4. Prolonged use of certain drugs like antacids and antiepileptic drugs can also sometimes cause gynecomastia. Uncommon causes of Hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, testicular tumours can also cause gynecomastia. Rarely, it can be malignant especially if only one breast is involved and the lump is hard.

Top Gynaecomastia Hospitals or Clinics in Chennai:

  1. Tamira Life Cosmetics Chennai
  2. Desire Aesthetics Chennai
  3. Chennai Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center
  4. Cosmetic Surgerry Chennai
  5. Look Good 2 Feel Good Chennai
  6. Spring Med Clinic Chennai 
  7. Kosmoderma Chetpet Chennai


Top Gynaecomastia Surgeons in Chennai

  1. Dr Jayanthy Ravindran
  2. Dr A Sivakumar
  3. Dr Karthik Ram
  4. Dr Sasi Kumar Muthu
  5. A Thamilchelvan

Gynaecomastia Cost in Chennai:

Gynaecomastia cost in Chennai ranges between Rs. 60, 000 to Rs. 110,000 depending upon the physical evaluation and the anesthesia administered.

The cost of Gynaecomastia in Chennai is competitive as there are many centres that provide this surgical procedure at reasonable cost with no compromises made with the quality of the Gynaecomastia procedure.

Gynaecomastia cost include:
• The Anaesthesia fees,
• Surgeons fees,
• Surgical facilities fees,

Here are some facts that can increase your expenses for having Gynecomastia surgery –

  • High Blood Pressure – People that have high blood pressure require special attention well before the surgery that is why surgeons will ask you to admit in the hospital well before the surgery. It is also advisable in order to control the blood pressure and keep it normal before and during the surgery.
  • Heart diseases – This process can bring some reactions and problem to the heart patients because of drugs and procedures that are involved in surgery. It is possible to complete the surgery with higher success rates.
    Allergic reactions – If you are prone to allergic reactions then you should describe medicines and things that creates allergic problem.
  • Respiration problems – People that have respiration problems can face problem while operation and after procedures and they will require extra attention and personal care.
  • Low immunity – In case your immunity level is very low then you will take very long time to recover so you have to spend large time in hospital and that will add into your hospital bill.
    Hence, you should opt for health check-ups and seek problems that you possess to have exact idea about the exact amount that will be required for treatment process. You can also use advise of your family doctor about what steps you should take to avail this services.

How will my plastic surgeon evaluate me for Gynaecomastia surgery?

During the initial consultation, we would like to know your concerns like what  are bothering you and what do you expect. Usually photographs are taken. Examination to determine the areas of fat excess and the skin elasticity will be conducted.

Your relevant medical history including previous surgeries, past and present medical conditions, allergies and current medications will be asked. High blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes, etc. should be reviewed/evaluated by concerned physicians before surgery as these medical conditions may increase some risks associated with surgery.

How Gynaecoamstia surgery is performed?

Gynecomastia can be effectively corrected by a combination of excision of glandular tissue and liposuction. It is a day-care procedure and one is discharged on the same day from the hospital. Initially, excess fat is removed from the chest and under the axilla by liposuction. A cut is then made at the junction of lower half of areola with skin and the glandular tissue is removed. In Grade 3 gynecomastia, excess skin may need removal around the areola( periareolar excision).

A pressure garment is worn for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Down time is 2-3 days. After the surgery, one invariably is more confident, comfortable being bare chested, leading to improvement in social interactions.

What are causes of gynaecomastia?

Certain drugs such as anabolic steroids, medications containing oestrogen, alcohol, marijuana, etc., and medical conditions including cancer, impaired liver function, to name a few, may cause or contribute to enlarged male breasts. Large percentages of cases derive from unknown sources.

Who are good candidates for treatment?

Men of any age who are healthy and emotionally stable are considered good candidates for male breast reduction surgery.In some instances, surgery may be discouraged for overweight men who have not first tried an exercise and diet regimen.

How is it corrected?

Enlarged male breasts can be reduced by liposuction and/or by cutting out excess glandular tissue. Surgery roughly takes an average of two hours. Skin rarely needs to be removed.The scars are well hidden in the nipple and are not seen.

What causes gynecomastia in males?

What is the cost for Gynecomastia in Males?

Will surgery cure the disease?

Results of surgery are permanent, although subsequent obesity rarely can create a gynaecomastia-like effect.

What are advantages of surgery?

Benefits of surgery include a firmer, flatter, more contoured chest which may give the male patient a boost in self-confidence. There is little downtime, and you may return to work within one week usually, unless you are involved in strenuous activities.

How painful is recovery period?

There will be some post-operative bruising, swelling, and burning sensation. To assist with the healing process, the patient will wear an elastic pressure garment for 3-6 weeks and must avoid exposing scarred areas to the sun for at least 6 months.

Are there any complications?

Infrequent complications may include infection, skin damage, fluid accumulation, bleeding, and scarring or pigment changes. Post-operative asymmetry, while rare, is possible; a second procedure may be needed to remove additional tissue. Other considerations include temporary numbness or lack of sensation that could last up to a year.

Can gynecomastia go away without surgery?

Fortunately, in many cases, gynecomastia goes away on its own without the need for specific treatment. Medical and surgical treatments can be effective for persistent gynecomastia.

What can I expect after gynecomastia surgery?

How long is recovery for gynecomastia surgery?

How long should I wear compression vest after gynecomastia surgery?

Is gynecomastia surgery painful?

Does gynecomastia grow back after surgery?

How long do drains stay in after gynecomastia surgery?

How long till swelling goes down after gynecomastia surgery?

How long after gyno surgery can I workout?

How do you sleep after gyno surgery?

What are the risks involved?

Reactions to tape, suture materials, glues, topical preparations or injected agents.
Anesthesia risks.
Bleeding (hematoma)
Blood clots.
Breast asymmetry.
Breast contour and shape irregularities.
Changes in nipple or breast sensation may be temporary or permanent.

Recovery from Gynaecomastia surgery

The recovery time required for Gynecomastia surgery is 4 to 6 weeks, obviously depending on the recovery pace and your health condition. Surgeons usually recommend the first two or three days of total rest so that the healing process does not get disrupted. But gradually after a week or so, these will go away.


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