Facelift in Bulgaria

The Facelift Cost in Bulgaria ranges between $2000 to $2800.

With age, the face skin loosens and becomes saggy. That’s when facelift surgery comes in. People from all over the world come to Bulgaria to get the best facelift surgery here. The facelift cost in Bulgaria is around $2500. Women especially opt for a facelift to get a younger look, and the new advancement introduced in Bulgaria helps patients get excellent results. Many actors and models come to Bulgaria for facelift surgery which helps get smoother facial skin and tighten up the face to look younger.

Plastic surgery clinics and hospitals have experts with many years of experience delivering the best facelift surgery results in Bulgaria. They provide successful results using top technologies and equipment, and the plastic surgeons performing the facelift surgery are rated high for their successful outcomes. The cost facelift in Bulgaria is much lesser and more affordable than other countries providing the same facilities. Bulgaria is also famous for the top-class facilities provided to international patients for facelift surgery; the hospitals and surgeons ensure patients are satisfied with the outcomes.

Facelift Cost in Bulgaria 2023

Facelift cost in Bulgaria Average Cost (US Dollar) Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift $2,208 3,996 лв.
Mini Facelift $2,556 4,627 лв.
Cheek Lift $2,719 4,921 лв.
Mid-Facelift $2,765 5,005 лв.
Jaw Line Rejuvenation $2,789 5,047 лв.
S-Lift $2,847 5,152 лв.
Cutaneous Lift $2,672 4,837 лв.
Temporal or Brow Lift $3,253 5,888 лв.
Liquid Facelift $2,091 3,785 лв.

The Average Facelift Cost in Bulgaria is around $2500.

Price is a major factor in people choosing a facelift surgery in Bulgaria. The cost of a facelift in Bulgaria is less, which is why many women are attracted to Bulgaria. Compared to countries with many facilities, the price of facelifts is lower, and the quality of facelifts is high. Top technologies and techniques are used here to excel in the results and deliver a targeted outcome.

Types of Facelifts Available in Bulgaria

Jaw Line Rejuvenation in Bulgaria:

The region between the jaw and upper neck can be particularly well-rejuvenated using Jaw Line Rejuvenation. Liposuction removes extra fat from the neck to contour the jawline. The Jaw Line Rejuvenation cost in Bulgaria is around $2700. Highly successful outcomes are delivered for facelift surgery by Bulgarian Hospitals and clinics.

Mini Facelift in Bulgaria:

The mini-lift, sometimes called a mini-facelift, is a less invasive facelift surgery technique that uses smaller incisions than typical facelift treatments. Small incisions are made beneath the hairline throughout the surgery. The price of a Mini Facelift in Bulgaria is about $2550. Most experienced plastic surgeons in Bulgaria perform facelift surgery, and many international patients come to get it here.

S-Lift in Bulgaria:

The lower portion of the face (the neck and jowls) can occasionally be treated with the S-Lift treatment. An S-shaped incision separates the skin and underlying tissue during this surgery. The cost of S-Lift in Bulgaria is about $2840. Hospitals have all facilities to provide the best outcomes for Facelift surgery in Bulgaria.

Deep Plane Facelift in Bulgaria:

A Deep Plane Facelift is a sophisticated procedure in which the SMAS, the facial muscles, fat, and skin are all lifted together as a single mass. The Deep Plane Facelift cost in Bulgaria is about $2200. Get an appointment with the best plastic surgeons providing highly successful facelift surgery in Bulgaria at a low price.

Does Insurance Cover Facelifts in Bulgaria?

Facelift is a well-known aesthetic surgery performed in Bulgaria. Rarely any insurance provider covers facelift surgery costs in Bulgaria. Only some insurance claims are accepted in Bulgarian hospitals for facelift expenses. Contact the insurance provider before coming to Bulgaria to ensure they cover the facelift surgery cost in Bulgaria or not.

Cost of Facelifts in Bulgaria

Facelift Surgery cost in Bulgaria Avergae Cost in (USD) Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Sofia $2,208 4,019 лв.
Plovdiv $2,230 4,059 лв.
Varna $2,318 4,219 лв.
Burgas $2,363 4,300 лв.
Ruse $2,340 4,260 лв.
Stara Zagora $2,329 4,240 лв.
Pleven $2,340 4,260 лв.
Sliven $2,374 4,320 лв.

Facelift cost in Sofia is around $2,200.

The average Facelift cost in Plovdiv is around $2,230.

Facelift cost in Varna is around $2310.

The cost of Facelift in Burgas is around $2340.

Facelift cost in Ruse is around $2340.

Facelift cost in Stara Zagora is around $2320.

The average Facelift cost in Pleven is around $2340.

Facelift cost in Sliven is around $2370.

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FAQs on Facelift Cost in Bulgaria

What is the cost of a Facelift in Bulgaria?

The Facelift Cost in Bulgaria ranges between $2000 to $3200.

Does Facelift cost affordable in Bulgaria?

Yes, the cost of a Facelift in Bulgaria is affordable.

What is the consultation fee for Bulgaria’s best Facelift surgeon?

Contact us to find the consultation fee and get the average cost of Bulgaria’s best Facelift Surgeon.

Who is the best Facelift surgeon in Bulgaria?

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