Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan

Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan is an accomplished female plastic surgeon in Hyderabad  well known across clients from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Dr Sandhya is expert in Aesthetic surgeries like Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia, Breast Augmentation, Body contouring, Skin and Hair treatments, etc. Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan regularly received clients from different countries like middle east, south east Asia and African countries.


Dr. Sandhya currently practices at own center at Flim Nagar, Hyderabad. She is also available at many specialist hospitals across Hyderabad.

In 2009, she completed her super speciality study in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sandhya received specialised training in cosmetic surgery from a number of recognised institutes in Europe and Mumbai before joining Apollo Hospitals in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, as a Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon.

Her specialised expertise in Oculoplastic Surgery and Blepharoplasty from Adelaide’s prominent Royal Adelaide Hospital sets her apart in the profession. She is also the only plastic surgeon in Hyderabad who has received training in laser surgery, which may be used for facial rejuvenation, non-surgical facelifts, tattoo and mole removal, scar smoothing, and other procedures.

Dr Sandhya has a special interest in the most satisfying and helpful operations in cosmetic surgery, including as face plastic surgery, liposuction, tummytuck, and breast augmentation/reduction, being one of Hyderabad’s top few lady plastic surgeons. Dr. Sandhya also understands the concerns of women seeking operations for aesthetic genital issues and provides them with accurate surgical remedies while maintaining strict anonymity.

Dr. Sandhya has a strong interest in facelifts with minimal scars, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and facial rejuvenation with autologous fat, having completed an advanced fellowship in aesthetic facial surgery at an international clinic in Belgium. Her specialized expertise in oculoplastic surgery and blepharoplasty at Adelaide’s prominent Royal Adelaide Hospital sets her apart in the profession.

Dr. Sandhya’s concept is based on a dedication to excellence and giving each patient with a friendly and individualised treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. During consultations, she carefully listens to her clients and helps them make educated decisions that are in their best interests based on a complete assessment of their situation. The end aim is a happy patient with a great cosmetic outcome.

Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan Education

Government Dental College, Calicut, 2000 – MBBS
Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry, 2005 – MS – General Surgery
Trivandram Medical College, 2009 – MCh – Plastic Surgery

Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan Experience

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon at Medical College Trivandrum, 2006 – 2009
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, 2009 – 2013
 Chief Consultant Plastic surgeon at Columbia Asia hospital, 2014 – 2021
Currently working in Hyderabad multiple hospitals


Dr. Sandhya Bala’s Plastic and Cosmetic Clinic
Babu Mohan Empire Building, 3rd Floor, Road Number 9,

Flim Nagar Main Road,

Landmark: Babu Mohan Empire Building, Hyderabad

Awards and Recognition

Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)
Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
International society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan Memberships

Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)
Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
International society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
American society for Plastic surgeons

How to Book Dr. Sandhyabala Appointment?

Book Online Appointment with Dr. Sandhyabala

Where can I find Dr. Sandhyabala Reviews?

Find Dr. Sandhyabala Rating and Reviews from past clients here

Where does Dr. Sandhyabala available for Consultation?

Babu Mohan Empire Building, 3rd Floor, Road Number 9, Flim Nagar Main Road, Landmark: Babu Mohan Empire Building, Hyderabad. Book Online Appointment here

What is Dr. Sandhyabala consultation fees and surgery cost?

Dr. Sandhyabala consultation fees is 700 INR and Dr. Sandhyabala surgery cost depends on required procedure

Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan Specialty

Botox and fillers
Plastic surgery
Cosmetic surgery
Hand surgery
Maxillofacial Surgery
Cleft surgery
Microvascular Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery


Dr. Sandhya Common Procedures

Acne/ Pimple Scars Treatment
Androgenetic Alopecia treatment
Anti Aging Treatment
Axilla Fold
Back Liposuction
Baldness Treatment
Body Contouring Surgery
Botox Injections
Brazilian Butt Lift
Breast Augmentation/Mammoplasty
Breast Enhancement Care
Breast Fat Graph
Breast Implant
Breast lift
Breast reconstruction
Breast Reduction
Brow Lift
Buttock Augmentation
Buttock Implant
Buttock Lift
Buttock Liposuction
Calf Implant
Calf Liposuction
Capillary treatments
Cheek Augmentation
Cheek Implant
Chemical Peel
Children Reconstructive Surgery
Chin Augumentation (Mentoplasty)
Cleft Lip and Palate
Cleft Lip Repair
Corn Removal
Cosmelan Treatment
Cutaneous Fillers
Dermatologic Surgery Small
Diabetic Foot Treatment/Surgery
Dimple Creation
Double Chin Treatment
Ear Lobe Correction / Repair
Ear Reconstruction
Endermologie (Vacuum)
Eyelid Surgery
Face lift
Face Lift/ Rhytidectomy
Face Transplant
Facial aesthetics
Facial Plastic Surgery
Facial Rejuvenation Treatment
Fami Fat Graft
Fat Graph
Fat Injections (Transplant)
Flap Surgery
Forehead Lift
Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
Fractional Laser
Functional Face Aesthetics
Glycolic Peel
Gynecomastia Treatment / Surgery
Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Replacement
Hair Restoration
Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Weaving & Bonding
Hand Rejuvenation
Hernia Repair Surgery
IAL Therapy
Injectable Fillers
Instant Brow Lift
keloid/scar treatment
Laser Hair Removal – Face
Laser Lip Surgery
Laser Resurfacing
Leucoderma Treatment
Line and Wrinkle Smoothing
Lip Augmentation
Lip Reduction / Augmenttion
Lipo Filling
Lipodissolve Injection
Medical Vitiligo Treatment
Melanocyte Transfer
Mole Removal
Muscle Relaxing Injections
Non Surgical Eye Lift
Non Surgical Facelift
Nose Reshaping
Ocular Plastic Surgery
Ozone injection
Pityriasis Rosea
Plantar Fascitis
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Plastic Surgery
PRP Hair Transplantation
Reconstructive, Microvascular Surgery
Revlite Laser
Salicyclic Peel
Scar Revision Surgery
Sebaceous cyst excision
Skin Peeling
Skin Rash Treatment
Skin Tag Surgical Removal
Smile Design
Stem Cell Therapy
Strip Method
Surgical Vitiligo Treatment
Tattoo Removal
Thigh Liposuction
Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)
Thread Lift
Tissue Tightening
Tummy Tuck
Vagina Surgery
Vaginal laser therapy
Varicose Veins Treatment
Vaser Liposuction
Wrinkle Treatment

Dr. Sandhyabala Liposuction Surgery

Dr. Sandhyabala regularly perform Liposuction surgery for various body parts. Below are required Liposuction details,

Liposuction Area
Neck Liposuction
Abdomen Liposuction
Chin Liposuction
Buttocks Liposuction
Arm Liposuction
Thigh Liposuction
Breast Liposuction
Love handles Liposuction
Knee Liposuction
Back Liposuction
Calf Liposuction

Dr. Sandhyabala Liposuction surgery consultation fees is INR 700. Liposuction surgery cost with Dr. Sandhyabala depends on amount of body fat to be removed and also Liposuction area where fat to be removed. Dr. Sandhyabala Liposuction price is affordable.

Dr. Sandhyabala Liposuction Summary:

  • Procedure Duration : 2-3 hours based on amount of fat to be removed and Body parts
  • Anesthesia: Can be done both local Anesthesia or general Anesthesia based on amount of fat or targeted body parts
  • Pain Experience: After Liposuction pain will be Mild to Moderate level for about 2-3 days. Medications can easily control pain.
  • Hospital stay: Daycare procedure. 1 day admission if fat extracted is high.
  • Recovery Time: 2-3 days post Liposuction surgery
  • Success rate: Very high


Dr. Sandhyabala Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sandhyabala regularly performs Rhinoplasty or Nose surgeries for Crooked Nose or Nose Deformities. She performs different types of Rhinoplasty surgeries like,

Rhinoplasty Type
Open Revision Rhinoplasty
Closed Nose Job
Revision Tiplasty
Filler Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty


Dr. Sandhyabala Rhinoplasty Summary:

  • Procedure Duration: Depending on required Nose correction it might take 1-3 hours.
  • Anesthesia: Based on Rhinoplasty type it can be done Local or General Anesthesia.
  • Pain Experience: You will experience Mild to Moderate pain for 1-2 days. Medication can substantially reduce pain
  • Hospital stay: Same day discharge Or 1 day admission if Nose correction is complex.
  • Recovery Time: Rhinoplasty procedure required 2-3 downtime
  • Success rate: Very high


Dr. Sandhyabala Gynecomastia Surgery

Many men suffering from Male Breasts reach out to Dr. Sandhyabala for Gynecomastia Surgery. She regularly performs Male Breast removal surgeries with very high success rate. She does following Gynecomastia surgery types,

Gynecomastia Type
Gynecomastia Grade 1
Gynecomastia Grade 2a
Gynecomastia Grade 2b
Gynecomastia Grade 3
Gynecomastia Grade 4


Dr. Sandhyabala Gynecomastia Summary:

  • Procedure Duration: It takes 60 min – 90 mins for Gynecomastia surgery based on Grade.
  • Anesthesia: If lower Gynecomastia Grade Local Anesthesia and If grade is higher, General Anesthesia.
  • Pain Experience: After Gynecomastia surgery pain will be Mild to Moderate for about 1 -2 days. Medicines can substantially reduce pain.
  • Hospital stay: Gynecomastia is day care procedure. Only if it’s Grade 3 or more 1 day admission required
  • Recovery Time: After Gynecomastia procedure 1 day of downtime is required
  • Success rate: Very high



Dr. Sandhyabala Breast Augmentation Surgery

Female aspiring for better look with good looking Breasts reach out to Dr. Sandhyabala for Breast Augmentation surgery. She performs following types of Breast Augmentation procedure,

  1. Silicone Breast Implants
  2. Saline Breast Implants
  3. Breast Fat Grafting
  4. Breast Lifting
  5. Breast Reconstruction


Dr. Sandhyabala Breast Augmentation Summary:

  • Procedure Duration: It takes 1 hour to 3 hours for successful Breast Augmentation surgery.
  • Anesthesia: It’s done through General Anesthesia
  • Pain Experience: After Breast Augmentation surgery, pain will be Mild to Moderate for about 1 day. Medications can reduce pain.
  • Hospital stay: It’s day care surgery if small changes else 1 day Hospital stay
  • Recovery Time: After Breast Augmentation procedure 1-2 days rest is required
  • Success rate: Very high


Dr. Sandhyabala Tummy Tuck Surgery

Both Male and Female wants do get Tummy Tuck surgery done for removing extra fat and skin in abdomen. Dr. Sandhyabala is preferred choice for all those clients because of high success rate and affordable cost. Following are common Tummy tuck types,


Tummy Tuck Surgery Types
Standard Tummy Tuck
Extended Tummy Tuck
Reverse Tummy Tuck
Mini Tummy Tuck


Dr. Sandhyabala Tummy Tuck Summary:

  • Procedure Duration:  Based on amount of Fat to be extracted it takes 2 hour – 4 hours
  • Anesthesia: Usually done under General Anesthesia
  • Pain Experience: Post-Operative pain will be Mild to Moderate for first 2 days. Medications help in reducing pain.
  • Required Hospital stay: 1 to 2 days after surgery
  • Recovery Time: It takes 2-3 days for Tummy Tuck surgery recovery.
  • Success rate: High




Dr. Sandhyabala Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery

Women want to look their eyes beautiful. Eyelids surgery also called as Blepharoplasty is done by Dr. Sandhyabala for desired eyes look.

Dr. Sandhyabala Blepharoplasty Summary:

  • Procedure Duration: On average it takes 30 – 90 min depending on required correction
  • Anesthesia: No Anesthesia is required for correction
  • Pain Experience: Post surgery pain will be Mild lasting for one day. Medications can reduce pain.
  • Hospital stay: Usually No Hospital stay required
  • Recovery Time: After Blepharoplasty procedure downtime is 1 day
  • Success rate: Very High

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Plastic Surgery in Columbia Asia Hospital

4/ 5

Dr. Sandhyabala is best plastic in Bangalore. I got Liposuction procedure done in Columbia Asia Hospital and got very good results.

Thank you very much for awesome results.

I strongly recommend her for all aesthetic procedures.

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